#WEAKSAUCE (Whatever That Is…..)

12 of Tradition’s bravest showed after being called out by the F3 Tradition Twitter Handle yesterday for YHC’s VQ (bootcamp), co-hosted by @Dingo. There was one Pax member in particular missing. Has anyone seen @MajorPain? He seems to be hiding behind his Twitter handle #WEAKSAUCE! After some brief pre-beatdown chatter in the parking lot including a request for some mud run prep by @Forgotten Jelly, we got to work. You ask and you shall receive, my friend!

Things went a little something like this:

Slow mosey begins, half hearted disclaimer given. Toy Soldiers, High Knees, and Stoli skips. Finish mosey up the stairs, to the Outback we go!

Windmill X10IC
Cotton Pickers X10IC
Shoulder Stretch
Arm Circles (forward and backward)
Hamstring Stretch
Low Slow Squat X10IC

The Thang:
Since YHC had to dispense some justice yesterday and lock a few people up, why not start with a 1-10 prisoner merkin/air press ladder, IN CADENCE! We started IC and @Forgotten Jelly started complaining immediately about doing these IC, followed by my co-Q, @Dingo. Thanks for the support, brother ;-)! So, we quickly switched to single count and finished out the ladder. This is pretty much the end of all mumble chatter.

@Dingo takes over…

10 Pullups OYO

Partner up. One partner grab two jugs and the other a cinder block. Mosey to the Outback Hill.
Partner at bottom does CB chest presses to failure while partner 2 does a quadrophelia (sp?) up the hill w/ jugs and then 10 shoulder presses. Back down the hill and switch. Repeato for 10 minutes. About 3/4 of the way through, @Dingo decides to go with CB bicep curls to failure at the bottom and 10 lateral raises at the top.

@Gazelle appears out of nowhere. A little late, but that’s okay!

10 Pullups OYO

YHC back at the helm…
5 burpees OYO
Partner up w/ someone around your same size.
Partner wheel barrows the length of the Outback field, switching at the half way point.
Partner push/pulls the length of field up and back.
Partner carry the length of field, switching at the halfway point.
Bear crawl half the length of the field then sprint the rest.
Bear crawl half the field and sprint the rest.
5 burpees OYO

@Dingo back at the helm
10 Pullups
Mosey to the parking lot for a 10 minute reverse indian run around the islands.

LBC X20IC (@Dingo)
Low Flutter X15IC (YHC), straight into Low Dolly X15IC


Thoughts and prayers go out to our Highlands brother @ColMustard and his family, as well as @ForgottenJelly and his family.


1) Way to get after it today, men (except @MajorPain)!
2) @Dick Tracy, impressive work today man. Great to see your progress.
3) @Dingo, thanks for letting me in on your Q, enjoyed it!!!
4) Welcome back to Charlotte, @Yosemite.
5) It was a little creepy at the end when @ForgottenJelly starts talking about getting to know more about @Yosemite’s sister. Not sure what that’s all about.?.?
6) Has anyone seen @MajorPain?

8 thoughts on “#WEAKSAUCE (Whatever That Is…..)

  1. Dingo

    Good stuff Buckwheat! I am definitely sore this morning.

    The mumble hatter did end quickly! #whathappenswhenfunkyisabsent

  2. Dick Tracy

    Great beatdown, @Buckwheat and @Dingo. It got progressively more difficult, and ending with the Reverse Indian Run gassed me big time.

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      I want to point out that you are also getting stronger brother! I’m glad you keep coming out, especially with that crazy travel schedule of yours. Keep it up.

  3. BlindDate

    Enjoyed it very much @Buckwheat and @Dingo. The prisoner merkins sneak up on you — pretty routine in the beginning but that air becomes incredibly heavy as the reps increase.

    @Raptor – thanks for partnering up

    @Jelly – thanks for partnering up as well. You get the bonus prize during the partner carry. It’s good for you though.

    @Dingo – I guess Urlacher (aka White Shadow) headed over to precinct to avoid any fun mumble chatter about his wardrobe

  4. Maximus_MECA

    Great beatdown today @dingo and @buckwheat. Kept things moving and lots of variety. I’m glad I don’t wear my watch to these beatdowns as I’d hold back. I was fully beat when the Q’s duette said back to the parking lot. I was all set to ease into some Mary and call it a day and then came the reverse Indian Run. That was tough – but i am glad as I want to run more. Also – Kudos to @dick tracy – i’ve partnered with you several times, including today, and you are defintely progressing as well being a very strong lad. Keep on running! Great effort.

  5. Forgotten Jelly

    Great beatdown today @buckwheat and @dingo. That was tough. Definitely what I needed right now.

    Also, I noticed that I’m mentioned several times in the backblast. I guess somebody has to be the class clown.

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