Crawl Bear was Churchill’s go-to beatdown

A double dozen of Highlands #Faithful snuggled up in their beanie caps and long sleeves, hopefully for the last time this season. It’s amazing how quickly our blood thins… 40-odd degrees would have been welcomed as hat-less weather just a few scant weeks ago… pack ’em away for six moths, gents. You won’t need the head-warmers today…

Took YHC a while to get warmed up though… not used to all the keys, fumbling with the #ShovelFlag, etc.  Probably the worst delivery of the #Disclaimer in my F3 career… except for the dozen or so times I’ve forgotten it altogether. In retrospect (a nickel word from YHC’s penny vocabulary), I might have been better off forgetting it… Whatevs (a penny word from 2.0s vocabulary), let’s roll. There’s work to be done. Burpee ladders don’t happen by themselves…

Mosey around the parking lot in front of school
– High knees – 40 yds
– Butt kickers – 40 yds
– Imperial walker – 40 yds
– Toy soldiers – 40 yds
– Stoli skip – 40 yds (Hey, where was @Stoli? And @TheNanny? Yet another reason for YHC’s fumbled start – we launched on time!)

#Cobains for not moving fast enough @PonyBoy, we’ll shift into a higher gear now

The Thang
AYG out of the parking lot to the wall across the Parkway
– Muscle ups x 10 OYO
– Mosey to entrance of golf club
– Muscle ups x 10 OYO
– Mosey into Golf Club parking lot and circle up

– SSH X 19 IC
– Imperial stormtrooper X 19 IC
– Merkin / Mountain climber clock
– Merkin X 10 IC at high noon
– Mountain climber X 10 IC at quarter past
– Larry Craigs X 10 IC at the bottom of the hour
– Mountain climber X 10 IC at quarter till
– Diamond merkins X 5 IC at the top of the hour

Mosey down the golf cart path to the bottom of the hill
– Walking lunges with Google bun shapers (focus on shaping your own buns, rather than @Google’s; @Hammer knows how) to the bridge
– Dodge kickbacks and sport the “hand cup” along the way
– Bear crawl across the bridge
– Run up the hill to the cul-de-sac and back down
– Crab walk the bridge
– @Patnode hop back to starting point
– Plank till the six arrives
– Confused 10 count from @ElGuapo

Mosey up to powerline cart path
– Line up for one pass through of Cackalacka-choo-choo (or “Tackle Act 22” according to talk-to-text)

Mosey to Flexi-Flyer Hill
Burpee/Merkin Ladder of 12s by 2s with:
– Running forward first trip up
– Quadrephelia next time up (@Chopper, whatever is burning between your legs is best kept to yourself)
– Bear crawl third time up
– Crawl Bear fourth time up (you’re welcome)
– PAX choice the final time up
– Plank until everyone finished

Mosey back up power line path
– Stop and pair up facing each other
– Partner hand clap Merkins X 15
– Partner hand clap LBC x 15
– Pretzel crunch left X 15 IC
– Pretzel crunch right X 15 IC

Mosie back to Highland Creek Elementary parking lot
Mary with @Snare – not sure what all you did, but T-claps for taking the reins, brother!


– The Bear – June 6 at 6am; Mark your calendar and plan to participate with 100-200 of your F3 brothers
– Cruise – tomorrow a.m. 0530 @ HCE – come get your run on.
– Forgot to mention it this morning, but HDHH is tomorrow night at Carolina Ale House – 8pm; we’re converging with @TheRidgeburg and @Tradition. How ’bout you all @Stoners?

Nekkid Man Moleskin
– T-claps to @Alcatraz for a strong shout out in BOM as always. YHC has a lot to learn from you. Thanks brother!
– Lot’s of great #mumblechatter in the #gloom. @Chopper’s recent regularity of posts has clearly coached up the PAX. Love it. Plan to keep it up for Colonel on Thursday.
– Great job to all the PAX. No quit in any of you. Way to persevere. Churchill said, “When you’re going through hell, keep going.” Pretty sure he was doing Crawl Bear up a hill at the time.
– What’s with all the FIFOs this a.m.? We arrive back for Mary and there’s a caravan leaving the lot. You all owe the PAX two minutes of core work.
– Thanks for the opportunity to lead. I know you couldn’t tell that YHC was making it up on the fly… better so there’s no second guessing the stupid stuff. Thanks for casting aside your better judgment and joining YHC in his lunacy.

5 thoughts on “Crawl Bear was Churchill’s go-to beatdown

  1. Ham On

    Ham-On was your missing member of the PAX. Not surprising – you probably didn’t recognize me after all this time…

    1. Chowder Post author

      Thanks Ham On. No excuse here. I should have caught it. During the second set of muscle ups, you ran by me and I very pleasantly surprised to see you out there. Keep posting. We’re a better PAX when you’re in it. See you tomorrow? Or Thursday?

  2. Winnebago

    Great time this morning, excellent variety of work and utilizing areas that we use little to never. Not your average string of pearls. Off the cuff is often the best because you can’t do it wrong as there is no plan. The ladder was stupid, stupid hard, but really just stupid. Great seeing you again @Chowder and also @Ham On. Speaking of @Ham On I thing you exceed the usually Paternity leave by a good 9 months. You even forgot how to dress for posts.

    It was too dark to see much else.

  3. Ham On

    Winnebago, thanks for using the phrase “string of pearls”. Nice imagery for my afternoon. As for paternity leave, I figure I get at least a year hall pass for knocking out twins, so I’m pretty much right on schedule.

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