It’s Official: F3 Mint Hill Has a Launch Date

Wow! The men of Mint Hill, NC are fired up to get this thing launched. They finally have their own AO close to home, and now an official launch date!

Please join the men of Mint Hill, Saturday, June 13th at Veteran’s Memorial Park off I485 on Highway 218.  The workout will launch promptly at 0700; so arrive early.

Plan to stay afterwards for coffeeteria. Food and refreshments will be available at the park while the Pax enjoy some 2nd F.

Contact if you know men who would like to join F3 Mint Hill.



************TOP SECRET************

The following information is confidential.  If you are not authorized to read this, do not proceed. F3 reserves the right to punish violators with up to 50 burpees, or they can take the easy way out and choose suicides.


  • F3 Mint Hill is currently conducting Black Ops missions; Mondays, 0530, Veteran’s Memorial Park.  Any accounts or descriptions will be disavowed until the official F3 Mint Hill launch.



Knew you would read it!

See you in the gloom!

2 thoughts on “It’s Official: F3 Mint Hill Has a Launch Date

  1. Hair Band

    Just a thought, untag some of those regions at the top, they won’t care, but make sure you tag all the CLT and nearby regions they will be the ones with local #sadclowns friends they can EH.

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