C. B. W. Support Group


Mosey to bus lot


SSHx15, windmill x 15, peter parker x 10, parker peter x 10

Dynamic stretch

walking lunges with twist, walking toe touch,  walking quad stretch reach for the sky

mosey to odell

sumo squat* x 15, calf raises x 30, front hop x 25, side hop* x 25, hopscotch* x 25, repeat

circle of pain first cousin or evil stepmother x 5

Mosey to front of HRMS

people press 3 x 10


Romanian dead lift* x 10 ea, crossover stretch, LBCs, rosalita, low dolly, homer to marge, squirm, superman jack*


– There is a little known condition that is rapidly spreading throughout the land – CBW – otherwise known as Chronic Butt Weakness.  Simply stated, the glutes are under utilized and I have taken the mantle of fixing them. Starting with todays workout and the help of our poster child and president  Lawdawg.  We will cure CBW one cheek at a time.

– Kudos to all today, great workout! I made it through my virgin Q.  I appreciate support, I had a great time!

10 thoughts on “C. B. W. Support Group

  1. Pox

    Great first lead Stretchy…I enjoyed the variety of stretchiness, running, agility, core, and CBW work. Already looking forward to your next Q.

  2. LawDawg

    Awesome VQ @Stretchy. I can echo Pox, already looking forward to your next Q.

    CBW is now unofficially official.

    Who is in charge of following up with @Jackie Moon to make sure he’s healing from his fence post vasectomy?

    Enjoyed the mumble chatter this morning boys! See you all on Monday for The Murph.

  3. Kato

    Strong workout @Stretchy! You count cadence better than a lot of seasoned Q’s. Great variety in the workout. I think I got the hang of the skip jumps somewhere near the end. While I enjoyed the workout immensely, something tells me it will be a pain in the butt tomorrow.

    I want to encourage everyone to post at the Murph on Monday. It’s not far away: It will be held at the Highland Creek Sports Club (6616 Clarke Creek Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28269). It’s a memorial workout held in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy: Medal of Honor recipient who gave his life in service. The workout was one of his favorites and is now named and held in his honor. The Murph is a great “measuring stick” workout as you’ll see your fitness progression from one month to the next (it’s held every last Monday of the month). It’s also a great way to also meet other PAX. Hope to see you there.

  4. Schnitzel

    @Stretchy – most excellent workout. Balancing acts are tough, I fall over pretty easily once I lift a foot off the ground.
    @PAX, do we need to coin a term for Jackie Moon’s variation to the fence-hop?

  5. Sugar

    @Stretchy, nicely done!! And, it was a blast!! The best part of an F3 workout for me is that you never know what to expect and today even the Merkins had a twist!(literally) And the Hop Scotch thing….next time I see kids doing that on a playground I’m gonna jump in and show them how it’s really done!!

    Great workout! It was a real Jackie Moon! (ball buster)

    1. Melvin Jones Post author

      can we apply for an official name change for jackie moon. That is too funny.

  6. Loco

    @Stretchy – I echo everyone’s comments, that was an awesome workout with the perfect amount of variation. We will cure C.B.W.!

    @Kato – I’m planning on posting for the Murph. I’m assuming 0530 start time?

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