1 to5 Progression of Pain at the Precinct

Always a pleasure  and honor to  Q it up at the Precinct w/ my F3 brothers. Thanks for showing me around the AO guys… note to self for next time – pull up bars are in short supply- better get dingo over there to put some up in the woods.

Warm-o-rama – Mosey to cul-de-sac 1- for: SSH, IST, CP’s Mountain climbers – all x12 IC. Arm circles and soo bigs.

The Thang:  Full disclosure: I experienced a similar beatdown from Pharoah a couple of weeks ago- and am still recovering from it…! So I thought it would be good to bring a modified version to my brothers in the Precinct.

1-5 progression of Pain: up the ladder- 10 second countdown- then back down.

Carolina Dry Docks then Plank Jacks – 1- 1, 2-2,etc.  -Mosey to next stop for: ( watch for cars that don’t stop at the stop sign. #scaredof12guysdressedinblack.

Low/Slow Squats then SSH – Mosey to unlit gloomy next stop- cul-de sac. Perfect for:

Merkins then Mountainclimbers- Mosey to Prison yard for a Pax Favorite:

Burpees then J-Lo’s.  – Recover and catch breath as we mosey over to the pull up bars for:

Partner pull ups – P1 full extension pull ups while P2 does arm curls w/ his legs – flapjack and repeat – 5 – 10 -15. with 20 dips in between to make room for all the pax to complete.

Mosey to dew laden grassy area – for some 1-4 ratio Merkin/ air presses: 1 merkin – then 4 air presses – 2 merks/ 8 air presses.  up to 5/ 20. good work –

Pax led Mary –



Moleskin –

great work by all today. There was a lot of grunting and groaning which is music to a Q’s ears -so hope it was worth getting out of the sack for today – #Mariosnoozealarmguilttrip.

May 9 Men’s breakfast at Stonebridge 7:30-9:30.

May 9 – Pre summer get together – the planning team will get details finalized soon.

June 6 – The BEAR.


6 thoughts on “1 to5 Progression of Pain at the Precinct

  1. Trail Mix

    Thorough beatdown Dutch, I do appreciate it. I believe my shoulders will be feeling that one on through the weekend… Missing @Prison Fruit in the Pax list

  2. Skipper

    Nice Q @Dutch! My favorite part was when @Urlacher was trying to help you decipher your own messy writing on your #Weinke.
    @Pax – This, or a variation, is a great workout to copy if your new to Qing. Total body beatdown and great use of AO. #shouldhaveknownitcamefromPhaoroh

    1. Urlacher

      Idk what it said but it sure as hell wasn’t j-lo. Looked like father spelled phather. Haha

  3. Dutch Post author

    Urlacher- my apologies- I Scribbled it down as WWII situps— that translates perfectly into J-Lo’s — got to give the ( WD) some… but not much slack.

    Added prison fruit – how could we forget him and the others on the ladies guild for the F# planning #meetoverteaandcrumpetstoplan.

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