The Soothing Sound of BROGA!

Five men, including YHC, with his soothing, calming voice…..stretched their way into some new broga poses this AM.   Here is how it went down…The Thang….

Each pose requires 3-5 deep breaths through nose and out of mouth, on every exhale increase your stretch.
1.  Easy Pose – Sitting on your six, legs crossed, with hands at prayer, 5 deep inhales and exhales
2.  Neck Stretches/Rotations L/R/F/B with back of hands on top of knees (no “ohms” required)
3.  Rotator Cuff Rotation – still sitting, out stretch arms, palms up, palms down
4.  Seated Side Bend – Raise arm over head and lean to opposite side looking up, repeato
5.  Raised Knee to Chest – Lying on back, pull knee to chest, repeato
6.  Cat Pose – on all fours, inhale to arched back
7.  Cow Pose – Same as above, exhale to concave back, chest out
8.  Strong Cat Pose – Same as Cat Pose but bring one knee to chest, repeato
9.  Strong Cow Pose – Same as Cow Pose but with leg extended behind, repeato
10.  Half Bow Pose – on fours, grab opposite foot and pull upward, repeato
11.  Side Plank Pose – Go into plank, stack feet while raising one arm to sky, look upward, repeato
12.  Camel Pose – siting up on knees, arch head backward, chest out, rest palms on soles of feet
13.  Soaring Bird – Go into Childs pose, rest forehead on ground and raise arms to sky
14.  Rabbit Pose – from Soaring Bird, bring arms behind body and grab soles of feet
15.  Side Lunge Pose – Feet wide, outstretch leg, bend other and put elbows on ground, repeato
16.  Gate Pose – on knee, stretch leg to other side, arm up, lean towards outstretched leg, repeato
17.  Heron Pose – on six, one leg folded behind, other is pulled up with hands to chest, repeato
18.  Cobra Pose – on belly, use hands to lift torso off ground, face reaching towards sky
19.  Sphinx Pose – same as Cobra with hands farther away in front of body
20.  Bow Pose – on belly, grab feet from behind with hands, push chest up and pull feet away
21.  Half Frog Pose – on belly, push torso up, bend one knee back and grab with hand, repeato
22.  Staff Pose – Sit on six with legs stretched out in front
23.  Seated Forward Bend Pose – From Staff with straight back, grab feet and pull chest to knees
24.  Seated Wide Angle Forward Bend Pose – Same with legs spread wide, push chest to ground
25.  Revolved Seated Wide Angle Pose – Same but lean towards one leg grabbing foot, repeato
26.  Half Lord of the Fishes – otherwise known as the pretzel stretch/twist.  To hard to describe
27.  Wide Angle Forward Bend – Standing, wide feet, bend at waist, touch ground or grab ankles
28.  Downward Dog – self explanatory, bend opposite knees for extra calf stretches
29.  Standing Back-bend pose – Standing, hand on back of hips, head back, lean back, stretch
30.  Garland Pose – Stand, feet shoulder width, go into low squat, hands at prayer
31.  Noose Pose – Feet/knees together, squat, hands behind back, look up to one side, repeato
32.  Reclined Supine Twist Pose – on back, arms outstretched, knees up together, look left while rotating knees to the opposite side, repeato

Mary – X denotes cadence
1.  LBC’sx10
2.  “W”x10
3.  Freddy Murcuryx10- Lead by BBQ

COT – Lead by Capri

Mole Skin
-Thanks for letting me change it up a bit, again.  YHC heard some good mumble chatter during “Heron”, “Strong Cow”, “Half Lord of the Fishes”, etc.  Good effort by all to achieve maximum stretch.  Next time I WILL bring my water sound machine.  Remember, stretching makes you LESS vulnerable to injury!
– Great to see @Gamma this AM, oh yeah, he was only there because Broga was the less of two evils after staying up till 3am watching the Hawks game.  I’ll take what I can get, hope you enjoyed the stretch. Good to see you too @Countertop.  The more the merrier.
– @Clueless, @Deuce – thanks for not calling me out on a few of those wacky poses!
– UCB mentioned a run sponsored by CMPD, all you have to do is buy a shirt to enter.  Get with him for more particulars.
– Here is a link to a great website for broga information for anyother Q’s looking for a little variety:
-Thursday is bootcamp, @BillyGoat has the Q.

3 thoughts on “The Soothing Sound of BROGA!

  1. Othello Post author

    Thanks gentleman for allowing me to lead once again. In my never ending quest to “change it up” I think I out did myself with some of the wacky poses introduced this morning. Hope you all got a good stretch, keep up the good work. Broga doesn’t get any easier but you WILL get more flexible. Aye!

  2. Deuce

    Othello- Definitely enjoyed some of the new poses. Many are ones that I have done before elsewhere, but could never remember them to introduce them to Warrior One. This is why we don’t have the same Q week after week. Great job!

  3. Clueless

    Thanks for the change up @Othello! I’m pretty sure I stretched things that haven’t been stretched before. Good stuff!

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