Double Q Beatdown


Law Dawg front side beat-down:

SSH x 15
Cotton Picker x 10
IST x 15

Move to Fence (and watch Jackie Moon nearly castrate himself)
Incline Merkins x 10
LBC x 10
Decline Merkins 10 OYO (Top rail)

Mosey to the track.

Prisoner Squats x 10
Lunges x 10 (in cadence)
Plank (R Arm up, R Foot up, L Arm up, L Foot up)
Plank with Kato’s craziness
Prisoner Squats x 10
Lunges x 10

Hand off to Sugar for the backside beat down (wait…that didn’t sound good)

‘Trail of Tears’ around the track – PAX line up Indian Run style,  all PAX do called exercise while last PAX runs to front.  Continue ’til Q runs to front calling next exercise.

Exercises: Lunges, ,Merkins, Broad jump, Bear Crawl, LBCs, Cacka Lacky Choo Choo, Bear Crawl to finish.

COP – SSH x 30, Makhtar N’Diayes x 10

Mosey to wall for some peoples chair and a ridiculous amount of air presses – 50 (No mas, Pox).

Mary (in no particular order)

The W, Homer to Marge, Freddie Mercury’s, Dying Cock Roach, Superman/Banana, Rosalita, X and O……….

Iron Cross – Mattress King with Stretchy a close second!

The Moleskin –

– Thank you all for posting, (its not just for you ya know) this has become my favorite part of the week!

– Law Dawg, enjoyed the co-Q.

-Welcome ‘The DJ’!

-Apparently we need some practice climbing over fences…..have to work that in next time.

-Based on the heavy breathing I’d say the Trail of Tears (thx for the name, Kato) was a hit!

– Remember, it’s only air………….Pox

Remember:  Haiti, The Bear June 6th.


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3 thoughts on “Double Q Beatdown

  1. Pox

    Nice work double q. It was a bit chilly this am but that was corrected quickly. Trail of tears is a new favorite but the choo chop ain’t easy with the pax in downward facing dog. Time to do some plank form instruction – Kato that’s you

    And that’s right. It’s just air. Perhaps I’ll have to bring the very light PVC out soon because they only weigh a few ounces

    1. Kato

      Yeah man….I’m game for some PVC. I don’t think it’s the air that was the problem on the air presses….perhaps it was gravity. At any rate, they sucked.

      Nice workout LawDawg and Sugar. That little lap around the track was something to remember. Co-Q’s can be fun because each Q can beat the Pax on an exercise and recover a little while the other Q takes over.

      Good to hear an increase in mumble chatter this morning. All work and no play (combined with no sleep) makes the fartsack more appealing.

      Jackie Moon: Are you sitting with a frozen bag of peas tonight?

      Welcome DJ! Looking forward to seeing you back out.

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