A little speed, a little cruise a lotta WIB.

20 Hard Chargers were present and accounted for at the WIBing hour of 0530 including 2 Pax from up North

Surprise it’s a WIB

Run from Parking lot to track, carefully jump the fence

At the end of the track do

-10 Burpees

-10 Quarter Turn Star Jumps

-10 Dips or Diamond Merkins

-15 V ups

Run one lap

Rinse and repeat until 6:07 aka Primetime

Run Back to Middle Lot for Mary

@Derby- Mason Twists (Nanny says Whaaaaa?) x 15

@Primetime- Low Flutter in some fast/slooooowww cadence x 20

@ Mortimer J-Lo (the ghost of ONJ)

@Sandman COT

– I know I am predictable with WIBs call me unoriginal or stale but to me with the range of fitness levels and experience of Highlands or F3 in general it allows everyone to get the workout they need. You can also gauge progress say you got 5 rounds today maybe next time you get 6, still feels hard but you have measurable progress.

– It really is great being back in Highlands consistently, love seeing the progress people are making, this F3 stuff works

– A special thanks to @Mortimer and @Primetime for making the trip on my invite a coouple of my GORUCK Heavy brothers coming to support

-F3 Dads Camp is in May

-F3 Dads Isotope is this Saturday

See you all again soon

3 thoughts on “A little speed, a little cruise a lotta WIB.

  1. The Nanny

    @Winnebago Nobody can say they didn’t get a good beatdown this morning. Well I guess you could say it, but it would be your fault. I was a big fan of this format workout today after the El Dorado sufferfest on Monday. Needed to go at my pace.

    @Bootstrap Glad to hear the job is moving right along. We don’t chat nearly enough anymore. Darn busy lives we have.

    @Chopper The big question is that now that Tessa has tasted gold on the podium, how long until she is passing you on the course?

    @Mortimer @Primetime Good sweating with you guys again. Good to have your energy in COT. Looking forward to more chances to go Head2Head at El Dorado as well. We’ll see if more than just Scrappy can put in a top 4 finish….oh no he didn’t!!!

    1. PrimeTime

      @Bago great beatdown this morning. I came knowing I would hate you and I proved that 2 sentences into the WIB with the BS on the star jumps. You know I hate those but I love you for it.

      @TheNanny the only podium finisher would be @Mortimer. I’m know show pony I know what I’m good at and that is not running. I carry heavy stuff well and can do some exercises well. Was good to see some different AO’s I’ll be back periodically. Really enjoyed this morning.

  2. Charmin

    @ Winnebago- Tough workout as always. Anytime you are the Q I know we are going to be doing at least 60 burpees. Possibly more. Many more.

    @ Bootstrap – You went a year without doing 400’s and you end up doing them 2x within 4 days. Seems about right.

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