El Dorado’s “SteelHorse” Delivers Parade of Horribles

If the best form of compliment is mockery, then you can thank Dredd for the #SteelHorse, from Young Guns last Tuesday.  We exchanged WW2 for his knee-ups (whatever the heck that is, no grown man should do in front of his peers).

At 5:10 AM, the temperature was 63 degrees and MECA and Highlands PAX kept rolling in.  The iron horse awaited and this is what went down…

Instructions were given to Partner Up and that speed and size matter, but mainly size.  A few hands were raised awkwardly, but basically no questions.

AYG to El Dorado

Round 1:

Run Up the Stairway to Heaven

20 partner derkins (flapjack)

Run down the Mineshaft

20 WW2 situps at the bottom

Round 2:

Partner Wheelbarrow up the Stairway to Heaven, flapjack when needed

Same exercises at the top and the bottom

Round 3:

Partner Carry up the Stairway to Heaven, flapjack when needed

Same exercises at the top and the bottom

Repeato Rounds 1-3 until time is called at 6:05.

MARY:  15 x pretzel crunch each side (Chowder)

COT:  Scrappy

Isotope Moleskin:

1.  In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, the Isotope men came in a Prius and Volt.  Someone suggested that we change our region color from red to green.  Maybe that’s a good idea, but the #Dash already has the weed leaf insignia, so wouldn’t want to steal their thunder.  Plus, Calypso never inhaled so I’m told.

2.  The weather was perfect this morning.  The Lord blessed us with an awesome breeze the whole time.  Thank you.

3.  No modifications out there today despite wheelbarrows and partner carries up the Stairway to Heaven.

4.  Chowder, the Form Police, was keeping us honest, and we eventually conformed to his perfect push-up.  Chowder’s voice at the COT reminded me why I never invited him to F3 Dads.  Thanks for bringing the shovel flag and your energy is infectious.  I had to twist your arm on Mary BTW.  But thanks for finishing us out strong.

5.  The Nanny and the Skipper pushed the pace the whole time.  The Nanny got violent on the downward Mineshaft spiral and may have thrown a flying elbow or two at Stoli.  Skipper saw it happen and may have conspired in planning the intentional tort.

6.  Jolly, Calypso, Mort, PT, Dallas, Snake Eyes – thank you men for getting up extra early and meeting me at 4:45 at NY Bagel for the green clown car convergence.  Today was my two year anniversary with F3 and I am thankful for your support.  It means more than you know.

7.  No VT’s given out this morning as different PAX excelled at different segments.  For example, the Nanny and Skipper got to the deck first. Stoli and I finished 3.33333 of the Steel Horse and most PAX got approximately 3 full repititions or close enough.   Mort went in his pain cave for the final mile and came in sub 7.

8.  The Bear is on the horizon and will be hosted by MECA.  EH season is upon us and I’m looking forward to getting as many men there as possible.  Thanks again MECA/Highlands for your love this AM.  Nice to reconnect and looking forward to seeing you again in May or June, whenever the BEAR is.

We do this because we CAN.  And some men CAN’T.  We lift up our brothers and the Word of the Lord today came from 1 Timothy 6:10-12.  This was the Final Charge to Timothy for us men of God to flee from all love of money and rather to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness.  And we are to take hold of the eternal life to which you we are called.

I have been working on the godliness segment of this passage and have been encouraged recently.  The world has a lot to offer, but only God can fulfill us.  Choose wisely.  You have the power through Him.




10 thoughts on “El Dorado’s “SteelHorse” Delivers Parade of Horribles

  1. Winnebago

    Hate I missed this, I really do. Had another F3 brother, Riggs from Concord preparing for a GORUCK event. Gulfstream and I gave him some training company and I had already rescheduled once before couldn’t do it again. Just to witness the competition would have been worth admission. @Stoli and @Scrappy is team all intensity a bit uneven in the partner carry part though.

  2. scrappy Post author

    Bago, you were missed! I’ll come back when you Q there next. Stoli is as heavy as he looks, but strikingly fast. He carried YHC like a trophy wife up to the honeymoon suite. That makes no sense, but you get the point.

  3. The Nanny

    @Scrappy Solid beatdown. The SteelHorse is no joke. Simple in description but devious in delivery. Not sure how @Skipper and I were the ones pushing the pace since we were chasing you and @Stoli the whole time! Glad I got the chance to throw a few elbows and pass you guys on at least one MineShaft decent before slowing watching you pull away. @Stoli is always hard to keep up with, but the @Scrappy/@Stoli (@Scroli?)combo just aint right.

    @Skipper We didn’t have the aerobic margin for chit-chat this morning. I am guessing you were feeling the same thing I was; a little sick to my stomach wondering if this would be the one…the one when I yack. There’s always tomorrow I suppose. AND…while the @Scroli duo won the overall competition with their toddler 64 yrs of combined age, we took the age category with our 79 yrs of age.

    @LawDawg Gutsy effort from you today. I could see the pain on your face but you kept pushing. Even when you grimaced your way into COT at the end, you dropped straight to your 6 and started busting out Mary. I was impressed.

    Lots of F3 Dads Camping chatter this morning. I think there is just about nothing that gets a dude more excited than the prospect of spending the weekend in the woods with his kids and his brothers. I know I am psyched! Hey if you know anyone else who wants to come, still a few sites left up at Montreat. Our 15 pax don’t have ALL the sites….just the good ones.

  4. PrimeTime

    wonderful beatdown scrappy glad I could be a part of your two year anniversary. This was an absolute smokefest but I loved it until my arms gave out on the wheelbarrows. Clueless is a machine should have paired him with Mortimer. Speaking of guy amazes me everytime I see him chase down the people in the front from the 6 maybe I can do that once before I die, probably not but gotta set a goal right?

    Again awesome lead Scrap, truly inspiring to see you absolutely kill it like you did today.

  5. Skipper

    @Scrappy – Congrats on 2 years! Your leadership since day 1 has been awesome. #Ironsharpens

    The @Scroli combo (trademark @TheNanny) definitely should be awarded VT! #toohumble

    @TheNanny – Thanks for keeping me going. I think it was after Round 2 when I was completely spent and knew we had to be near the end so I asked, “What’s the time?” You’re response was simply, “You don’t want to know.” Nuff said. Head down, knock out another round. #close2merlot

    Great to see the clown cars from @Isotopeland show up! #couldnthearthem

    Also, great to meet @PomPom, @Catfish, @MaBell, and @Mortimer!

  6. scrappy Post author

    Nanny, I could never replace #Frodoli.

    PT, if I would have lifted as much as you at our Go Ruck event on Saturday, my arms would have given out too. Calypso and Jolly have turned you into a workhorse. Smallest Clydesdale I know.

    Skipper, thank your brother. You were one of my first Q’s at a Highland Creek 1 year convergence. Thx for your inspiring words. Don’t forget #Nooner on Thursdays; the workout in the Biz Park that is.

    1. PrimeTime

      Thanks scrap but you were in it just as much as I was. As you age you know what you are good at. I’m good at carrying things, not good at endurance related events, however I’m hoping I will allow Mortimer to help me with that.

  7. Jolly Roger

    Scrap, great WIB enjoyed trying to catch you guys or at least avoid getting lapped multiple times. The Mortimer sprint to the finish was a thing of amazement. Crazy.
    Great to see some old friends and meet some new ones back at my old stomping grounds. Strong work from all the Pax.

    Scrap, your leadership and effort on all three Fs are inspiring influential to the Pax across F3 nation. Thank you for doing what you do and for the strong COT this AM. Happy 2 year brother!

  8. Stoli

    @Scrappy, we didn’t exactly follow your pre-workout suggestion to partner up with someone our own size. You worked probably harder than anyone and would have made it even further if you didn’t have to wait for me after every WW2 round. Appreciate the push, particularly when you made me run in front you, noting “you run faster when someone is chasing you”. True statement.

    Chowder, were you touching your toes on all those WW2 sit ups?? Just checking!

  9. Chowder

    A tad late chiming in on the horror that was Steel Horse, but have to also thank Mr. Scrappy (that’s right, we mere mortals refer to him as mister) for his leadership at El D last week as well as every day across the Nation. Thanks brother! You’re a model YHC is striving to become.

    T-claps to the many teams that were crushing it… and by crushing it, I mean continuing to move forward… that was awful. So bad in fact that I was actually looking forward to the AYG back to the burrito blacktop.

    @Stoli – I’m flat cold busted. I bent my knees too. But my merican form was impeccable.

    Did any of the PAX leave behind a gray long sleeve Champion shirt? No logos. Just gray. I mean, that’s it. Gray. If you’ve become separated from such a “cat-lady on a Friday night” piece of apparel, let me know. I’d be happy to dissociate myself from it.

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