If You Don’t Go to Sparta…

…then Sparta comes to you.

Harrisburg was seven strong at last weekend’s Spartan Sprint, and today 16 (including 3 Spartan veterans) got a taste of the action. Here’s how it went down:


  • Mosey to football lot & circle up
    • SSH x15
    • IST x15
    • Windmill x10
  • Line up along fence
    • Derkin x10
    • Dip x10


  • Mosey to football midfield & partner up
    • 2 sets of partners sprint to each goal post & each person completes 5 pull ups
    • Remaining pax plank
    • Repeato with new partners doing pull ups & pax doing deep squats
  • Mosey to playground
    • Hanging knee raises x10
    • Swing derkins x10
    • Dips x10
    • Touch post
    • Repeato x3
  • Retrieve all sandbags & take to goal line
    • 2-sandbag carry to opposite goal line (partner 1 carries while partner 2 sprints down & back, then flapjack)
    • 1 Pullup on top soccer goal crossbar (stand on crossbar for extra credit)
    • 2-sandbag carry back to launch while partner does lunge or bear crawl
    • Each pax traverse hand-over-hand across the crossbar
  • Circle up at midfield with 1 sandbag per every 2 pax
    • Pass sandbags around circle to right (2 minutes)
    • Pass sandbags around circle to left (2 minutes)
    • Sandbag press then pass around circle to right (2 minutes)
    • Sandbag press then pass around circle to left (2 minutes)
  • Return sandbags & mosey to football parking lot
    • Pay the penalty for too much mumblechatter. 30 burpees split between two partners.
    • Yes, I said split between TWO partners.
  • Mosey back to launch point


  • Flutter kick x15
  • Plank 1 minute (maybe longer…didn’t want to come up short)
  • Low Dolly x15
  • Plank 1 minute
  • Rosalita x15


  • An honor to lead, even with an amazing amount of mumblechatter for a non-Hootie-attended workout.
  • Strong work today, both during the workout and before. #TClaps to the 6am crowd of 5 Bull Runners and 4 Ruckers.
  • Kotters to Water Bear and Diesel. Welcome back. Aye!
  • 4 months til the Spartan Super in Virginia in August. JOIN MY TEAM! Or join the Curves team doing the Asheville Spartan Super. Aroo!
  • The MECA region is honored to host the 2015 edition of The Bear, the preeminent NOCO #CSAUP event, on June 6. More info & HC here.
  • Come out for Movies in the Park on Friday 5/1 at Harrisburg Park. F3 & FiA will have a tent, pass out flyers, show a promotional video before the movie, and EH anyone who’ll listen. Comment below or email BBQ to HC.
  • F3 is launching in Mint Hill. EH any Mint Hillers you know, and let Deuce know if you’re willing to help Q during their launch phase.
  • I don’t know what’s the opposite of #TClaps, but that’s what you deserve if you got in groups of 3 or more to split up the burpees at the end. Rationalize your cowardice by calling it strategy all you want, but that’s not how Harrisburg rolls. To paraphrase the great Sam Wyche, “Will the next person who sees anybody cheating on an exercise, point ’em out and get ’em out of here. You don’t live in Cleveland, you live in Harrisburg!”

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  1. SSMinnow

    @Gapper…that was my first taste of Sparta, and those sand bags were brutal for this runner…I was managing things when we had one one, but then came the Q’s order to double it….what was that, payback for Acceleration thrashings?

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