Failure is an option

Strong showing on a Saturday with 27 men ready to fail. Really 26.  Major Payne does not know about failing.

The Thang:

Mosey to warm up area.

10 SSH

Quick upper body warmup.

1 minute max out merkins

Partner up – 1 minute each Air Force situps.  Flap Jack.

1 minute max out merkins

2 lines.  Cho Cho to fences

1 minute max out incline merkins

Partner up – 1 minute max out Air Force Situps.  Flap Jack

Spring to bottom of the hill.

Lets play with rocks and do the following:


Forward and Lateral raises

Overhead presses

Squat position and hold the rock in front of your body.

Mosey to playground and do a little Iron Cross competition

hit the playground.  Max out partner pullups and Dips

Mosey to baseball field.  Max out decline merkins and incline merkins. 1 minute each

Mosey to hill.  Quadraphelia (spelling?) at the top of the hill hit 10 merkins

Mary: lets do more Air Force Situps.  1 minute max our merkins


Impressive performance on the Iron Cross.  8 of you were going strong and I had to cut it.  Otherwise we would have been there all day.  Was not expecting that .

I would imagine that all of us did at least 200 merkins today.  Many of you over 300.  You will thank me when you take your shirt off at the pool.

Some real grunting happening on the decline merkins.  Those are always brutal.

Great numbers in the 50+ crowd.  It is motivating to see you out there.





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  1. Charmin Post author

    @ Pax – Learned something today. If we are going to do multiple sets of situps let’s do them on the grass. Terrible road rash on the coccyx. Live and learn.

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