11 men came out on a misty, cool morning expecting a Stoli-led Speed filled with cones, shuttle runs and agility. Instead, they were met with the news that Stoli would not be Qing and Frodo would be. None of the PAX seemed pleased with this news. Several even stammered, “Wait, the schedule said Stoli….the schedule said Stoli!!”

The Thang

  • Warm up with a mosey to the track
  • 400 yard warm up with high knees, butt-kickers, and Stoli Skips (@Dingo made a reference to Stoli skipping his Q during these)
  • 400 AYG followed by a 200 recovery jog
  • 800 AYG followed by a 200 recovery jog
  • 100 AYG followed by a 100 recovery jog
  • 100 AYG followed by a 100 recovery jog
  • Repeat-o
  • Partner up (fastest with the most speed challenged, 2nd fastest with the 2nd most speed challenged, etc.)
  • 800 Relay race…Partner 1 runs 400 followed by Partner 2
  • Mosey back to lot
  • Stretch
  • COT


  • Good push by everyone. It was nice to see some returning faces out there (@Bootstrap and @Dingo). It was a pleasure to lead you this morning.
  • There was some definite sandbagging going on before we paired up. Somehow the people that finished 1st and 4th on the opening 400 AYG ended up on the same 2-person relay team.
  • There was little mumble-chatter which means (1) guys were pushing themselves and (2) Chopper fartsacked.

5 thoughts on “TrackIntervals

  1. Frodo Post author

    Great job by all this morning.

    @Charmin – Great to partner with you on the relay.

    @Derby, @Mario – please get older quickly…and slower

    @Pavarotti – Always amazed watching you leap 4 ft. fences with ease after a Speed workout.

  2. Winnebago

    I won’t lie I have held off from Speed because it have fallen off from anaerobic shape due to other training. Today was EXACTLY what I needed to get back in and shock my system. I did come expecting combine type drills which I thought would ease me me back in but nope we did what I was most concerned back short distance hard runs.

    Excellent job by everyone. Have always said Speed is my favorite Highlands post because there is nowhere to hide you will have to push yourself and something about the dark track where you can’t always see others enhances this.

    I have the Q in 2 weeks figuring that would force me back. See you all then if not sooner.

  3. Dingo

    Good lead @Frodo! I gotta admit that I was a little worried when @stoli did not show……

    You almost had me at Merlot spillage this morning. No breaks from speed anymore, it’s almost embarrassing how much I’ve dropped off…..

  4. Pavarotti

    Great workout as always, Frodo. Thanks for running me down on the last 400. #humbling (are we still using hashtags?)

    And, yes, get younger @Derby and @Mario.

    It was good seeing some new (and not so new) faces out there. See ya next week Traditioners and Precincters. That last one doesn’t sound quite right.

  5. The Nanny

    Hate missing these workouts. Especially another Frodo Q. This dang head cold has me tired and worn out. Good thing I did not come this morning – it may have killed me.

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