F3: Rain or Shine, Heat or Cold

As Francis Urquhart would say, “You might very well think..” that F3 only meets when the skies are clear and the temperature is just perfect  – not too hot and not too cold. Well, you would be dead wrong and I was wrong when I found out In the snowy days of January that F3 meets in rain or shine, heat or cold. This morning was no different when 8 of Tradition’s bravest didn’t let a little drizzle dampen their spirits in the gloom.

Here’s how it went:

Mosey to Warmorama
Side Straddle Hop x10
Imperial Storm Troopers x10
Cotton Pickers x10
Mountain Climbers x10
Mosey to Outback
Pull Ups x10
Dips x10
Hill Combination
1. Run to top of Hill
2. Burpees x5
3. Run back to pull up bars
4. Merckens x10
Repeato x3
Indian Run to Kindergarden School
Lunges to 2nd median
Mountain Climbers x10
Run backward to start
World War 2 sit-ups x20
Run to 2nd Median
Merkens x10
Run Backwards
Indian Run to Church
Carolina Dry Docks x10
Run to Dumpster
Jump Squats x20
Mosey to Outback
Pull Ups x10
Dips x20
Hill Combination
1. Run to top of Hill
2. Burpees x5
3. Run back to pull up bars
4. Merckens x 10
Repeato x3
Mosey to Mary
Flutter Kicks x20
Mason Twists x20
Little Baby Crunches x20
The Squirm Improvised x20
Crazy Frog x10
Plank Jacks x10

Thanks, Pax, for being there for my “second” Q. I look forward to getting better in the role of Q in the future.


8 thoughts on “F3: Rain or Shine, Heat or Cold

  1. Chicken Strip

    Great job Guinness, you kept us moving the whole time. After we worked out on the second corner of the church I thought for sure we would hit each corner then when we headed to the parking lot instead I thought it was finally time for Mary. Little did I know that the Outback and repeato was in store…I’m glad we didn’t do a full 2nd circuit.

  2. BlindDate

    Good workout Guinness. I like the workouts that move around the AO like this one did. And despite the misting rain, it felt good to be out there.

    Wikipedia describes the Outback as “the vast, remote, arid interior of Australia.” Needless to say, there was nothing “arid” about that area this morning. At least for today, it definitely was more deserving of the title – the Wetlands.

  3. James Walker

    Potluck Open House THIS Saturday (18th)

    My wife and I just moved here from AZ and would love to meet all ya’ll (did I spell that right?) when you are NOT sweaty, out of breath and in the gloom.

    So come this Saturday, 4pm till ??? to our home in Prosperity Point and hang out.

    2.0’s, wives, GF’s, non F3 friends, all are welcome. Even your dogs if they are friendly and it isn’t raining.

    Please bring something to share to eat or drink and BYOB (if you would like). We will provide the main course.

    10029 Prosperity Point Lane
    Charlotte, NC 28269

    James (R2D2) – 602-670-8693

  4. Dingo

    Nice one Guinness! I also like the beatdowns where we keep moving and I have noises what’s coming next!

  5. Maximus_MECA

    Great job Guiness at the q! Thx for keeping us off the wet Outback ground and so busy I hardly noticed my feet were soaked.

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