Chuck Norris and the Shovel Flag

8 Dry PAX joined YHC this morning to play in the rain and get wet!  Went a little something like this:


Mosey to bus lot for Warm up

SSH x15

Windmills x15

Merkins x10

IST x15

Prisoner Squats x15

Mosey to covered sidewalk then to the wet bleachers (Psych!!)

Step ups – 10 each leg OYO

IM up bleachers x5, x5 x10 x10

Step ups – 10 each leg OYO

Dips on bleachers X15

To the Track

50 yard slash – Perform exercises below for a distance of 50 yds.

Inch worm merkins.   5

Broad jump burpees    5

Squat broad jumps.   5

Bear crawl remainderof distance


Run around track – reverse style

Mosey through mud puddle (Thx Kato) to covered sidewalk

People’s Chair with 15 ISTs (yes it’s possible)

Time for Mary

Box cutters

Dying cockroach


Freddie Mercury

Mason Twists – Thx Sparknut

W – Thx Law Dawg

Still time left….to the split rail to finish our Merkin/Dip ladder

Decline Merkins and Dips x5, x8, x10, x8, x5

Incline Merkins X10

Human chair with 50 can cans (yes 50!  Thx Kato)

Mosey to front of school for COT



– Thanks to all for joining me in the rain and following my lead today, 9 is a great number for a day like today.  The rain provides one more level of misery that adds to the accomplishment and camaraderie!

– Sorry Chuck Norris.  I take back everything I said.

– Note to self: Don’t forget the Shovel Flag (thanks Kato)!


**Still a few spots open for the camping trip coming up.

**Remember The Bear coming up June 6th.  A short 3 mi. point to point run with a few pain stations!

7 thoughts on “Chuck Norris and the Shovel Flag

  1. Mattress King

    Good job today Sugar. Hated the rain but liked the workout. I think that the Bear keeps getting shorter and shorter, first I heard 8 miles then 5 miles and now 3 miles. Before long I’ll be able to run it.

  2. Kato

    @Sugar: That was a nice, solid, bootcamp beatdown. You did a good job dealing with the mumble chatter and weren’t afraid to make everyone do whatever you had planned; regardless of the weather.

    I was up til midnight last night but knew I had to post after yesterday’s twittersmack.

    Great to see 9 PAX on a rainy day. 9 used to be a good number in great weather. Good to see the PAX growing. There’s surely someone in each of our lives that needs F3 as much as we did (and still do). Invite them out (multiple times if necessary). It may take some time before they take you up on it but they’ll thank you when they do.

    For those interested, there’s a speed workout tomorrow at Highland Creek Elementary tomorrow at 5:30. It’ll kick your butt. It will also make you fast.

    Lastly: What’s the deal with Chuck Norris? I must’ve missed something.

  3. Sugar Post author

    @Kato – I made a twitter comment about not being a fan of Chuck Norris – meaning that I was not a fan of hiding in the Chuck Norris Memorial Alcove when it rains. Somehow that got misconstrued as me not liking the greatest martial arts hero of all time!! Crazy!

    1. Kato

      Ahh…gotcha. I’m a big fan of retreating to the alcove when it rains.

      I’m a fan of Chuck as well….but he’s not the greatest. That’d be Bruce Lee. Aside from his insane abilities and creating Jeet Kune Do, he also acted in the Green Hornet (had a cool name).

  4. LawDawg

    The truth is @Waterboy just doesn’t feel as needed when the “high quality H20” is coming straight from the big man upstairs.

    @Sugar, nice beat down. I can only imagine Chuck Norris will have his revenge at some point.

    I want to say that I hate that 50 yard slash thing, but I’m afraid that will encourage you.

    Who wants the Q on Tuesday??????

    1. Kato

      I’ll take it if nobody else wants it. But seriously, someone else wants it. If I do it, we’re gonna do something stupid like bananna cancans. We’ve got enough guys now that everyone could Q once a month.

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