I <3 WIBs

19 Pax showed up dry, didn’t find rain but somehow left drenched.

The Thang

5:30 LET’S ROLL to behind school near track

Partner Up size does not matter

Partner 1 does 10 Burpees, 20 LBC, repeato

Partner 2 runs up hill towards bleachers 10 Bleacher box jumps, 10 derkins run back down

Flapjack and Repeato and Repeato and Repeato

First as to not creep out the woman running #sadclown we did 20 of those, what do you call them? Oh yeah SSH, been gone too long.

this continued for ~20 minutes good enough for most to get ~80-100 Burpees, 160-200 LBC, 60-70 box jumps and derkins plus running.

Mosey to side hill

10->5 Ladder, 10 merkins at top, 5 squats at bottom, 9/6, 8/7, 7/8, 6/9, 5/10

Jog to cross walk in parking lot, lunge walk to the end

LBC til all finish

Jog to middle lot Burpee Broad Jump to Cross Walk

Low Flutter til all finish


The Nanny- Mason Twist

Snare- Crunchy Frog


It is truly great to be back with you all. Especially to lead

Great mix of new and old faces, some may just be newer to me

Everyone put in work this morning.

I lead next Thursday so hope to see everyone back out there.

4 thoughts on “I <3 WIBs

  1. The Nanny

    @Winnebago A simple WIB (as the good ones are) but a heavy lift. When my legs are tired when going upstairs later in the morning I know it was a good one. And they were…and it was…

    T-claps to our brothers with early work start times who still get out there to join us in the gloom; @Shazam, @Chopper, @Bootstrap.

  2. Charmin

    @Winnebago – Good to have you back as the Q. Multiple sets of Burpees are cruel and my back is feeling it today.

    @Chopper and @Bootstrap. Like how you guys went off running for an extra set leaving myself and @Nanny with some burpees. Only to end up leaving early. Veteran move on your part. Well played.

  3. sandman

    I joined F3 a little over 5 weeks ago and I already see a huge difference. This is a great bunch of guys who have helped me to push myself further than I ever would on my own. I now look forward to my workouts with my F3 brothers.

    I look forward to continuing to do this for many years.

    1. Winnebago Post author

      Great to hear Sandman. I like doing WIBs or Workout in a bag as they are work for everyone. You can push as hard as you can stand and everyone gets stronger. I have seen so many guys radically change themselves through F3. You show up, put in the work you will be doing thinks you never dreamed of within a year. See you soon.

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