You decide: breaking new ground or breaking and entering?

Well that’s a phenomenon I hadn’t experienced before… 60 degrees and you can see your breath. Either YHC needs to brush and floss before beatdowns or there was something goofy about the dew point. I’m no meteorologist (nor a dentist), but I’m thinking it’s something #Cantore can answer.

Light turn out in the gloom, but that makes for good 2nd F. Let’s roll with a little something called the Pavarotti route (though Pav didn’t exactly remember the directions particularly well either.)

The Thang
Easy pace today. No need to push it with the MudRun coming up Saturday, even though there were only two mudrunnin’ PAX (@JLo and YHC). The rest of you should be runnin’.

Out the bus lot, right on Shelley, right on HCP, into the main school entrance and up Street St.
Right on Ridge, left into the seldom-used “see strange things here” neighborhood across the street from the track and firehouse that Pavarotti introduced us to a couple years ago on a Cruise. This is where things got a bit diverted and interesting.
YHC: Hey Pav, do we turn here?
Pav: Yeah.
Pass by a house with a dozen cars out front including two passenger-less bubble gum machines. Hmm? Interesting.  Pass the person running the treadmill in the garage with the door open. Dead end. Reverse route. OK, now the police are out in the driveway with another guy as we pass by. No acknowledgements of our friendly good mornings from the officers or the gentleman who, my guess is, they are escorting to his reservation at the Gray Bar Motel.

Back to our original turn and we weave our way though several turns and loops including a new road section parallel to 485. Double back on some roads and pass the pool. Turn and head back to Ridge – reverse route except with a short detour through the Pavarotti family estate grounds known as Masters Hill.

Arrive back at the parking lot where things really start to break down with YHC trying to call COT so @Chavez can get on his way while PAX are still doing their own thing with extra loops around the parking lot. It’s all good though… 4.5 miles or so. An old school cruise if you will.

COT and BOM (strong take out by @Chavez – thanks and t-claps)

– Free mudrun tix if anyone want em. Contact BOS… @Sully? Eh, Sully?
– Put it on your calendar now – The Bear – June 6. Doesn’t matter what it is, just plan to be there.

Nakedman Moleskin
– Nice, easily paced jaunt this a.m. Sounds like we’ve got some PAX doing some planning for good BRR training routes. Looking forward to it.
– Enjoyed the 2nd F today; stayed fairly well together for much of it.
– I think @Frodo made a wrong turn on his bike this a.m… btw, where’d you get that headlamp. Looked like enough lumens to make it a BRR requirement.
– Good work all around today fellas. Looking forward to the next one.

3 thoughts on “You decide: breaking new ground or breaking and entering?

  1. Winnebago

    It is good to be back in Highlands, went to El Dorado on Monday but must have missed you guys. Still getting back into the running game, glad I din’t know route as it excused me to hang with @jLO and @Chavez they had wind to 2nd F while I did not. Looking forward to BRR training runs, I will join in a good number for fun and in case circumstances change and I am needed and able to run as a sub.

  2. Chowder Post author

    I’m going to hold you to that commitment ‘bago. Good to have you back out there with us, brother.

  3. Winnebago

    If a sub is needed the desire is there. But I always coordinate with M for CSAUP. I am shooting for a 50 miler at USNWC in Oct, which the date is only thing preventing a HC on that one. So I will training for ultra long distance anyways.

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