The Vern Returns

4 Showed for the Bull Run at 0600

0700 We started off with 10 ish but ended up with 16 faithful men working hard to get stronger.

Warm Up

  • Mosey to Field
  • 25 SSH
  • 25 Mtn Climber
  • 10 Wind Mill
  • 20 Imp Storm Trooper
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Burpee’s

Mosey to the swing sets for the Vern.

  • 10 Pull Up
  • 200 Meter Run
  • 25 Merkins
  • 200 Meter Run
  • 25 LBC
  • 200 Meter Run
  • 25 Dips
  • 200 Meter Run
  • Rinse and Repeat 5 times.

Mosey to other field for 25, 50, 75, 100 Yard Suicides.

1 x Carolina Choo Choo

Mosey to lower field by pond for Mary

  • 15 LBC
  • 15 Low Flutter
  • 15 Low Dolly
  • 15 J Lo
  • 15 Squirm
  • 10 Heels to Heaven
  • Sprint up Heart Rate Hill to COT

The Moleskin:

  1.  Some serious work done today guys!   I heard a few times we covered a 5K.   Great training for Mud Runs, Spartan Runs, or just plain ol Bada#@ary.
  2. Very impressed with everyone’s efforts today.  I think the whole PAX completed all 5 rounds of the Vern.   You can do a lot of damage in 1 hour.
  3. Serious debate also went into naming this workout..  “Where’s Hootie?”  “Ditched again…”  but redemption (sorta) “we went to the other workout.”
  4. Thanks for the opportunity to lead today.  Drink plenty of 12 oz fluids and rest up.



4 thoughts on “The Vern Returns

  1. escalade Post author

    Great job to Wave Runner and Hawk! Hawk beat the Q on the Vern! So did his Dad… Next time guys, next time… Thanks for the push at the end Constitution!

  2. Riptide

    Great call on the Vern Escalade, and improved from last time!
    Welcome Hawk! Great work and glad to see Clueless out on a Saturday.

  3. Posh :p

    Good stuff today @escalade. Great seeing everybody.
    Welcome aboard Hawk.
    HAPPY EASTER or Passover to all the F3 Peeps. 🙂


  4. Clueless

    So that’s what the sun looks like during a workout. Great lead @Escalade! @Hawk had a blast and couldn’t wait to show the M and his other bros what we did. Way to push it fellas!

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