Fartleks with Elevation

11 Men posted this morning for a Speed workout in temps that allowed all PAX to be in shorts and t-shirts. We launched at 5:30 as no one arrived on #StoliTime or #NannyTime. Several PAX were still talking about soreness in their calves from Charmin’s Tuesday morning Q. So, we decided to do a Speed workout that would either loosed up the calves…or shred them altogether.

The Thang

  • Fartleks leaving HCES (turn left on HC Parkway) and down HC Parkway…30secs fast; 60 secs recover
  • At corner of HCPkwy and Christenbury, introduce remainder of workout. Stay on HCPkway: recover going down hill, AYG going up hill.
  • Wait for group at top of big hill.
  • 10 CDDs, 20 Crunchy frogs
  • Repeato until 6:05
  • Mosey back to HCES
  • Stretch
  • COT


  • Chopper was pretty chatty this morning as the PAX arrived. He got a little quieter once he heard who was Qing.
  • There was mumblechatter as the PAX ran downhill, not so much as we ran uphill
  • Kudos to everyone that posted. Those hills are never easy. Your heartrate will skyrocket.
  • It was a Good Friday to be out. Pales in significance to what Good Friday is really all about. Take a few moments today to be quiet, be still, and remember the reason this is Good Friday.

6 thoughts on “Fartleks with Elevation

  1. Frodo Post author

    Great job by the PAX this morning. Good to see everyone grabbing their shorts, sucking wind at the top of the hills. That was the point.

    @Gordo, @Chavez, @Chowder, @Snare – Great push. It seemed like everytime I got to the top of a hill, you guys were right behind me.

    @Pavarotti – 169 BPM at the top of a hill? Nicely done.

    @Chief – Way to hang in there. The elevation change makes that particularly difficult. Keep posting and before you know it you’ll hear a voice in your head saying, “I could do the half marathon in May.”

  2. Stoli

    “We launched at 5:30 as no one arrived on #StoliTime or #NannyTime.” Well clearly, because neither of us were there!!!!!!!!

  3. Kato

    @Frodo….great workout. There’s nothing that pushes like Speed and I’ve missed it. There’s no going through the motions. I did way more than I would’ve on my own this morning chasing guys who are in much better shape than I am. I’m out of town next week (hoping to hit El Dorado before we leave) but will be back the week after.

  4. Dropcloth

    @Frodo – that sucked! And might I say I was right behind you as well when compared to the car that just turned off Eastfield Road onto the parkway – it’s just perspective!

    @Chopper and @Glock thanks for the mumblechatter today – it at least let me think about something other than how bad this sucks every minute or so before the hills started!

    BTW – Only 1 Hate posted today!(we are getting old!)

  5. The Nanny

    Bummed to have missed this one. Have been thinking we needed to do those double camel humpback hills again for a while now. A Frodo classic. Planned to post, alarm was set, but I guess the body said no as I did not wake up till 7:17! Guess the spreading of 9 cubic yards of mulch until 9 pm last night was more draining than I thought. #MulchSack?

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