Highlands Murph Monday

10, then 11, then 10 men showed their respects to Merica and made their daily downpainment via a little thing we call the Murph.

The Thang:

  1. 1 mi run
  2. 100 pull ups
  3. 200 mericans
  4. 300 air squats
  5. 1 mi run
  6. People’s Q mary (Nanny LBC, Bling squirm, Blacksheep low flutter, Glock rosalita)

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. 10 men launched for the 1 mi initial run and 11 returned.   Huh?!  Sully joined us via his run over from his house.  T-claps Sully for putting in the 1 mi to and from warmup/cooldown.
  2. Saw some STRONG pull-ups being laid down by our boy Blacksheep.  Heck of an effort.
  3. Lead group had two rounds left and I think they were all feeling pretty good about their performance….and then Kool-aide heads for the 1 mi final run.  What?!  That dude aint right.
  4. Winnebago was back from being under the weather last week and put in a gutsy effort.  Looks to me like he finished all sets – it hurt em, but he did it.  T-claps.
  5. Gulfstream must still be riding the GRH fitness tidal wave b/c he was just cruising through things like it was nothing.
  6. Conchita was our only #Respect this morning and held his own.  Nice work.
  7. Glock and I reminisced about when he, I, and everyone else got smoked by his brother two Murphs ago.  The force is strong in that one.

4 thoughts on “Highlands Murph Monday

  1. The Nanny Post author

    Fantastic way to start the morning boys. As I was suffering through the final run I thought about how there is no way I would be doing this if it wasn’t for you guys. Thanks for your dedication so that I always know i’ll have a brother in the gloom to sweat with.

  2. The Nanny Post author

    Oh….Sully was our other #Respect this morning but by the time we hit COT he was already on his way home for the return 1 mi fun run.

  3. Winnebago

    Great to be back, at least that’s how I feel now.

    Yes, that was humbling, starting with round 3 the energy drained and wind was gone. I too was glad others were there as it prevented me from folding the tent and heading home. All sets were completed. Looking forward to posting with the men of Highlands again, it has been too long. Clearly everyone has been getting stronger while I was away. Near Merlot from the coughing, close call. That would have been a first.

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