Lots of 3s this morning!!!

I signed up to Q on this date waaaay back in December but it took me a while to figure out exactly how I wanted it to go down.  Today is my 33rd birthday and I wanted to celebrate with some of the best men I know!  8 men obliged me.  Of course, it didn’t go completely as planned but I think the Pax enjoyed it (not really).  I’d planned on keeping a close eye on things with my new watch that I bought in January but couldn’t get the thing to turn on.  #lessonlearneddontbuycheap  Thankfully, Pharaoh saved the day.  After a quick disclaimer, we were off!


Lap around the church




At this point, someone jokingly asked, “Is today your 33rd birthday or something?”  The secret was out!  You guys are sharp!  On to the meat and potatoes.

The Thang:

I was REALLY hoping for the number of Pax to be a multiple of 3 but the stars did not align for me this morning and someone fartsacked throwing us off by one.  Oh well!  After Pharaoh’s mumblechatter during warmups, I figured he’d want some extra credit.  Chicken Strip joined.

Partner Up (two groups of three, one group of two) and perform the following collectively while switching off to run a lap around the church:

Round 1 – 333 Merkins, 333 Squats, 333 LBCs

Round 2 – 333 CDDs, 333 Lunges (each legs), 333 Partner Throw Downs

Mosey to the Portico (see what I did there Funky and Jelly) and do 1 min of air chairs

Mosey to corner of church and do 9 burpees

Mosey to corner of church and do 8 CDDs

Mosey to the front of the church while doing Moroccan Night Clubs (thanks Ft. Mill Pax for the exercise) and do 2 min of air chairs with wall presses.

I’d also planned a one mile run in here somewhere (approx. .3333333 of a 5k) but we ran out of time.


The squirm x 33


Pharaoh, I hadn’t planned on doing the squirm…I actually was going to break out an exercise I did with the Ft. Mill Pax, but decided to give the Pax what they wanted!

Chicken Strip, you are strong brother.  I meant what I said earlier.  Looking at you now and comparing that to when you were an FNG makes me smile and motivates me more than ever to step up my EH’ing game.

All F3 Pax, as it turns out, this is also my 8 month anniversary since starting F3 and I am extremely thankful to be a part of such a great group of men.  I feel stronger, faster, and better than ever and I thank you all for that.

The Farm



10 thoughts on “Lots of 3s this morning!!!

  1. The Farm Post author

    Guys, thanks again for taking the #DRP and joining me this morning! Sound off below!

  2. Chicken Strip

    Great Q Farm, you really pushed us hard. I really like this style of workout because it’s all about how hard you push yourself and having partners to push you really helps. Speaking of which, Pharaoh you are a beast! It was great partnering with you and having you push me.

    Those Moroccan Night Clubs are deceptive, I think those will be returning to a workout soon.

    Great work by everyone, let’s just remember this date come next year. I think 33 was enough…

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Sounds like I missed a good workout this morning. I paid a visit to the Precinct to see what Col. Mustard had in mind for us. We actually ended up in the outback at tradition. Thought we would run into you guys. Happy birthday Farm. And congrats on 8 months.

  4. Pharaoh

    @The Farm – Happy Birthday and thanks for the great workout!

    @Chicken Strips – People may think you come from a Free Range chicken but after your beast of a workout you definitely must have come from a genetically modified bird! Great job!

  5. BlindDate

    @The Farm – Sorry I missed it as I had a late flight home. Happy Birthday.

    Chicken Strip – strong work. Sounds like you are prepared for the Mud Run in a couple weeks. I’m ready for the obstacles. Just got to get some more running in. But with a name like “Blind Drunken Chicken with Jelly”, we are bound to do well.

  6. Maximus_MECA

    Farm, Happy 33rd birthday!! I enjoyed the beatdown. Great job and kept us moving. Legs are sore right now – but that is a good thing..

  7. Chicken Strip

    I forgot, I picked up a jacket, I think it’s yours Kemosabe. I should be at the workout and workday on Saturday so hopefully I can get it to you then.

  8. Dutch

    Happy birthday farm it’s been great getting to know you this year! It looks like you did a lot of work preparing for this workout, sorry I had to miss it but I am sure he will reveal its ugly head again!

  9. Guinness

    Happy Birthday, @Farm. Great workout this morning. I am feeling it. Thanks. Great to be with the Pax this morning,

  10. Icicle

    Happy B day brother,i m glad you are feeling better and that your are using Chicken Strip to help with EH keep up the good work and now to the more important question , where is the party?

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