Spring is in the air… running is getting more fun!

12 Pax showed up on this perfect morning for running… can’t beat mid-fifties with a slight breeze.  I promised that today would be a light day, and I stuck to my guns… I refused to give in to the pressure of @Frodo running shame-ing loops around us as we worked our way through the HC.  From above, we must have looked like a living model of an atom with @Frodo as the electron. (Sorry for nerding out).

The Thing:

Park-to-Park… somewhere between 4.5 and 5 miles… at a very reasonable pace.


– @Frodo is fast… that is all.


– Still not too late to sign up for the mud run… talk to @BOS.  Sign up deadline to get on the group bus ride is May 8th.

– This Thursday is a meeting to talk leadership… getting more of it within our Highlands group.  It will be at 8:00 PM… at @Chowder’s house if the weather is good… @The Nanny’s house if it is bad.

Chowder’s address: 8306 Lynnewood Glen Drive

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