6 posted this morning in the damp and humid gloom for my Virgin Swat Q.

Warm up:

SSH x 20ic
Cotton Picker x 12ic
Imperial Storm Trooper x10ic
Arm Circles ( about a minute or two )
Merkins x 10ic

The Thang: a little HIIT Kettle-Bell action.

15-10 count down all the way through with 20 sec rest between circuit.

Lawn mower pulls ( R/L )
Clean and press ( R/L)
Sumo Squat

Ran out of time for second round, only time for one round through

Halo x 15
Lunges x 15
Mason twist x 8ic

Two Rounds:
Chest press AMRAP
Skull Crusher AMRAP

Mary: with KB
LBC x15ic
Mason twist
Some Double taps, ww2 sit-up with kettle bell x10ic (two sets)

Thanks for bearing with my Virgin KB cue, hard work this morning. A lot harder than anticipated. Way to hang in there pax. Time flew by….