5k Training: Week 8

Four men gathered in the gloom to complete the eighth week of the Harrisburg 5K Training Program.

Link to the program:



Week Eight: Our training no longer resembles the plan. That is OK, we haven’t had the same group of men show up twice.

Two minute warm up: then run for 11(ish) minutes and walk for one for 1 minute for 40 minutes. Finish with a hard sprint to the the 4 mile mark. Ran the 5K course and then some http://tpks.ws/9x4o (4.07 by my watch)

  1. Great to see everyone this morning.   I think the threat of rain this afternoon kept away some of the regulars this morning.
  2. @Clueless said that this is as far as he has run in 10 years…I called BS, but he assures me it’s true
  3. Strong work by @Deuce and @Helga.
  4. Harrisburg 5k registration is open: http://www.active.com/harrisburg-nc/running/distance-running-races/harrisburg-5k-2015


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    1. Helga

      Great to run with you guys this morning. Thanks for the pacing and mumble chatter @Clueless.

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