Saturday morning stroll

14 of Harrisburg’s dedicated rolled in as the fog rolled out.  We decided to kick up a little dust and stop for a little fun along the way.  Here is how it went:

Mosey down the hill to the lower parking lot by the soccerfields via the walking path

Warm-up (x denotes 4-count cadence):

Wind Mill x 10

SSH x 20

Imperial Storm Troopers x 20

Merkins x 10

Two line Indian run with 1 burpee off the back  – around the big island in front of the library and back to the front of the library.

11.1 – Start with 10 merkins in front of the library.  Run around to the other side of the island to 1 airsquat.  Continue around the island to the otherside.  9 Merkins.  Run around the other side of the island. 2 airsquats.  Continue with this pattern until 1 Merkin and 10 airsquats.  Early finishers get their share of LBC’s and plank work.

Mosey down to the soccer fields.

Bear crawl 25 yards

7 Merkins (IC)

Bear crawl 25 yards

7 Jackie Chan Merkins (IC)

Bear crawl 25 yards

7 Jackie Chuck Norris (IC)

Bear crawl 25 yards

Lope back 100 yards to the start and move to the base of the hill.

11.2 – Start with 10 burpees at the bottom of the hill.  Run up to the top of the hill(s).  1 Smurf Jack.  Run back down the hill(s).  9 burpees.  Run up to the top of the hill(s).  2 Smurf Jacks.  Continue with this pattern until 1 burpee and 10 smurfjacks. Early finishers get their share of LBC’s and plank work.

Mosey up to the shelters.

11.3 – Start with 10 dips.  Then 1 step up (each leg).  Then 9 dips, 2 step ups (each leg)…continue this pattern until 1 dip and 10 step ups (each leg). Early finishers get in some plank work.

Mosey to the cars and circle up for mary.  Scratch that.  Pull a @Sundial and keep the  workout going away from basecamp….succomb to those in the Pax who felt the need for more mileage this morning. @Escalade and @Gapper – there is a #Bullrun for this, but @Gapper was there early for the #trainingfortheothermudrun, so YHC felt obliged to give the Pax what they wanted.

Run down the hill to the first entrance to the library.


LBC x 15

J-Lo x 15

Squirm x 15

Sprint up the hill back to cars…8:02 @Sundial – take notes.

COT and BOM (thanks @Hootie for taking us out)

Weary-Legged Moleskin:

  1. Kotters to @Constitution.  Spring is finally official.
  2. Welcome out to @Nautilus (FNG) and @Floyd (new to Harrisburg). You guys put in some good work today and deserve your spot in the recliner.  Be sure to watch @Riptide’s bracket self-destruct right before your eyes.
  3. @Hootie was fairly quiet today…must have been actually putting in the work. @BBQ said he will need it to catch up with him #potstirring.
  4. Q-fail – I did not get email addresses for @Nautilus and @Floyd.  If anyone has there contact information, let me know.

8 thoughts on “Saturday morning stroll

  1. escalade

    Great lead Bull! Definitely did not disappoint the PAX.. We got what we came for. Got Nautilus in the list – no worries. Floyd is already good to go.

  2. SoloCup

    I am beat up after that BullRun and post…toughest one in a while. Good thing BanjoBoy wasnt there for either, I am not sure he could have handled it.

    1. Bull2 Post author

      @Banjo Boy must still be licking his wounds from @TheMagnificent’s acceleration version of #TooFastTooFurious

      1. SoloCup

        I was on my way but i came upon a car accident. called the highway patrol and spent 30 min lookimg looking for a victim.

    2. Hootie

      @Solo – good push this AM out there on the run. Thanks for putting up with my Hootiefication of the route. Always good to log some miles with you.

      @Bull – @Chowder will be pleased with your new form. Looks good. Keep it up. And @BBQ knows he’s a marked man. Stir the pot all you want. Nothing about him or his amateur status scares me. He’ll be a big boy soon enough. Let him bask in his glory while he can. Hootie isn’t back but he’s not far away and he’s coming with vengeance.

      Good to have @Nautilus and @Floud out with us. Strong work by both. Hope to see you guys again soon.

  3. Constitution

    So glad to be back out. Heck of a lead bull, But next time maybe we can run a little more. Haha

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