Running is more fun when you aren’t freezing your butt off…

11 of Highlands’ faithful came out at 5:30 this beautiful Spring-ish morning to get their run on… One pax showed up at 5:31 and thus ran by himself (Sorry for ditching you @Stoli).  From now on I will start every cruise with a @Stoli-memorial-lap-around-the-parking-lot to give late comers an extra minute or two.

The Thang:

  • Pretty straight-forward… run to 485, do various looping around the bridges and run back.  Somewhere between 5.0 and 5.7 miles.


  • I thoroughly enjoyed running out front with @Gordo this morning.  He kept a great pace and didn’t talk the whole time like @Chowder normally does.  It was a nice peaceful run except for the times we could still hear @Chowder even though he was a couple hundred yards back.
  • Somebody ran the further-est they have ever run this morning.  I’m not naming any names, but it starts with “@R” and ends with “@2-D2”.  NIce run man, it only gets easier from here.
  • We are getting dangerously close to being able to run a full 10k on @Cruise mornings.  I think I might map out a couple different 10k routes and we could pick one day a month to push it and get a full race in.

3 thoughts on “Running is more fun when you aren’t freezing your butt off…

  1. Dropcloth

    Glad I fartsacked with that kind of distance in 45 minutes. Sheesh this is no longer a cruise – I suggest we change the name to Highlands Bustyour*** Run!

    Great push by the PAX you can really tell this group has really improved over the years.

  2. Gordo

    @ironhide – thanks leading us on the cruise. I really enjoyed it and was able to push further than I have recently. I sped up when @chowders voice became too loud.

    @r2d2- great job out there!

    @google- your family is in our thoughts and prayers

  3. Stoli

    No need for a Stoli lap. My fault for being tardy and I deserved to run alone! Didn’t get the extra push I would have from running with you all, so my loss. Glad to have at least practiced the Run the Creek course one final time.

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