NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge


$10 buy-in for any PAX interested in the tournament challenge

ALL proceeds from the challenge will go to the F3Foundation. This is a great opportunity for F3 to make a difference in the community, while having some competitive fellowship at the same time.

The tournament challenge link is below, and will be open up until the first game starts at noon on Thursday.

F3 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

**I’m calling out all Regions in F3 to take part. Let’s blow this thing out of the water.**

If there are any thoughts from the PAX about how we can make a real impact with this challenge, please reach out to me at

Deadline for registering is 12:00pm on 3/19/15.

It’s not a requirement to donate to play in the tournament challenge, but I do ask that if you are willing and able to contribute to the F3 Foundation, do so and make a note that it is for the NCAA Tournament Challenge.

Who wants bragging rights?




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  1. Pigpen

    In. Forgot to mention my F3 name on my PayPal donation, though. Unique Transaction ID #2TU25411U8777971Y

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