Monday Morning – It’s all right at Tradition

What a glorious way to start the week.  YHC hadn’t Qed in a while but conditions were near perfect.  All the ice and snow and cold a distant memory.  an no rain.  A glorious morning.  YHC prepared my notes the night before and arrived early.  Buckwheat was there but had to leave as he had forgot his shoes.  YHC see he went on to Q at Highlands.  Glad YHC had not forgot anything and then it dawned on me YHC didn’t have a watch.  As Tradition’s best arrived no one else had an watch until Uppercut showed up with one, let YHC borrow it – so now YHC could time the workout.  Relief.

Pax listed below – my apologies as YHC thinks he left someone off the list.  Think here were more here than listed.  will write it down better next time.

It went something like this:

Slow mosey around Island

Side straddle hops – 15 in cadence

Cotton picker – 15

Imperial Storm trooper – 15

Merkin jacks – 15

Windmill – 15

Hamstring stretches


Pain Stations – did 3 times with varying reps

Station 1 12 merkins (6 each arm), the 18, then 14

Station 2 6 burpees then 8 the 7

Station 3 12 curls, then 18 then 14

Station 4 12 military presses then 18 then 14

Home – Set 1 – did two times

12 kettle bell swings, then 18

12 lawn mower pulls, then 18

12 clean and jerks, then 18

12 sumo squats, then 18


Home Set 2 – did 2 times

12 pullover, then 18

12 skull crushers, then 18

12 bench presses, then 18

12 goblet  squats, then 18

Abs Workout

12 little baby crunches

Homer to marge routine by Raptor

12 squirms

15 military situps

Way to go everyone in keeping it moving:

Kudos to @raptor on the creative Homer to Marge medley

Thanks to @ Major Pain who announced a 54 year old man did 4321 pullups videotaped in one day and more amazingly that man was not Major Pain.  This man beat his previous record of 4320 pullup ins in 24 hours set last year.

Honor to lead you all this morning


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning – It’s all right at Tradition

  1. Dutch

    Nice push Maximus – When I saw the workout legal pad- I knew we were in for it this morning… it’s a good day for a KB beatsdown – thanks for the lead

    Raptor had an extended Mary… I thought he was going to take over the Q… maybe next time!

  2. The Farm

    Good seeing you guys briefly this morning. Thanks for the 2nd F during the PBR @Dutch @Raptor.

  3. Maximus_MECA Post author

    @Dutch – tahnks for the comment. FYI – when you get to my age – you need a big notepad to read the letters on it! You’ll see this happen to you some day too.

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