The real “gloom” and the amazing “invisible bearded Mattress King”

Six Stoners turned up for a mosey through the gloom with YHC’s 2nd Q of the week. Little did they know they would be following me through the “real gloom.” It went a little something like this.

#Shortdislcaimer (Don’t tell the boss that the lawyer doesn’t like the disclaimer)

Mosey to the bus lot (following the sidewalk and crosswalks #followsomerules)
SSH x15
Windmill x15
A little hamstring stretching
IST x 15

Mosey towards the elementary school, oh wait head down the trail into the gloom.
At the front side of the first bridge
Incline Merkins x10
Decline Merkins x10
LBC x 10

Active lunges across 1/2 the bridge
At the back side of the first bridge
Incline Merkins x10
Decline Merkins x10
LBC x 10

Mosey to the bottom of the hill. Partner up.
Partner 1 sprint from the pavilion to the lower bridge
Partner 2 AMRAP dips on the picnic table
3 Reps
Planks lead by Marie Calendar (yeah, he needs to Q and my prediction would be pain)
The W x 10
Pretzel Crunch x 10 each side

Mosey to the bottom of the hill on Marquette
Up the hill squats x 6
Down the hill three-merkin (normal, wide, triangle) x 2
Up the hill squats x 4
Down the hill three-merkins x 6
Up the hill
Squats x 10

Indian Run back to middle school.
Calf raises x 10
Rocky Balboa x 20

Mosey over for Mary

Low Dolly x 10
Rosalita x 10
Plank hold
Ring of fire
Homer to Marge with some low flutter
X’s to O’s x 8
Iron Cross (there was discussion as to whether the invisible bearded Mattress King was there and if he won, I think he’s probably still out there)



1. Thanks for following me for the second time this week! We will get an @ColMustard beatdown to make up for it.
2. Special shout out to @Chachi, thanks for coming out, I’m looking forward to seeing you on the regular!
3. Let me know what’s going on the Pax below, we need to get some EH’ing and ReEH’ing going and chatter helps to make that happen.
4. I guess I need to apologize to @Kato for stinking up his car after #ElDorado on Monday, as he’s been avoiding me ever since. In my defense, he invited me and offered to drive. Doesn’t he know that I stink?
5. I’m working with BOS to make sure everyone who is signed up for the Mud Run is on an appropriate team. There is a $45 dollar slot available for the taking, contact me or @BOS to claim it.
6. Tell someone you love them today, thank someone today, and give out some unexpected blessings today.


6 thoughts on “The real “gloom” and the amazing “invisible bearded Mattress King”

  1. WaterBoy

    Awesome workout today @lawdawg. Great down payment and liked the variety. The hill sprints ladder and then Indian run smoked me. Awesome to have @chachi with us. I’m missing Barney rubble (anyone have his contact info), eggplant, pox and meltdown.
    The workout made me better today. @lawdawg thanks for number 6. Awesome thought for the day.

  2. Sugar

    Thanks for taking the Q today @LawDawg. I enjoyed the gloom of the green way. You did leave out the 6 man, bolted down picnic table lift from the workout though. (our little secret) I’m sure we would’ve gotten it eventually!

  3. Mattress King

    I was in the gloom stalking you, just to see what was going on. No, really I’m stuck out of town. Hate I missed it though, you should always do sprint they’re good for something, I think.

  4. Marie Calendar

    Gotta admit that I do like running the nature trails, that should become a Law Dawg and/or Rolling Stone standard workout. As an acknowledgment to #6- thanks for taking the lead on such short notice.

    OK, I will further take the #6 bait- Love you, man!

  5. Kato

    Man…hated to miss this morning. Got a sick house right now (M + 3 out of 4 2.0’s). Didn’t think the M would appreciate me bailing to workout.

    @LawDawg: Didn’t even notice your smell over my own stank Monday.

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