PAX of Cards

23 of Highlands faithfuls bellied up to the table for a game of 52+ card pickup which went something like this…

The Thang:
54 cards were placed about 50 yards away from the line of eagar PAX. One PAX sprints to the cards and chooses one. The exercise is called out with the number on the card = number of reps. Face cards = 5. Joker can be handed to any PAX which requires them to double down on the # of reps for that exercise.

  • Clubs = squats
  • Diamonds = merkins
  • Spades = LBC
  • Hearts = burpees

3 x through the line of 23 PAX.

Mosey to guard rail for a little more upper body work
Incline merkin x 20
Decline merkin x 10

Mosey back to HCPkwy and through the rabbit hole for Mary.

Mary: Mason twist x 15, Crunchy frog x 12, Low flutter x 12, Rosalita x 15

Naked Moleskin:

  • Happy birthday to Hammer!
  • About mid-way through the deck, Chowder asked why we were doing 10 reps.  To which EVERYONE said “because it was a 10 card”.  (Insert multiple laughs here). We know he plays with half a deck.
  • Welcome to 2 former FNG’s, Inventory and Two Socks. Nice work fellas and welcome!
  • Great turnout today with 23.  There is a direct correlation to tempature and number of posting PAX!
  • T-claps to Col Mustard for “suggesting” that we plank inbetween runners and the next exercise call out.
  • T-claps to Nanny? for “suggesting” that the next runner takes off when the other runner gets to the cards.
  • Nice work today men. The Underwoods thank you for your particiaption.

1 thought on “PAX of Cards

  1. Snare Post author

    My laminated instruction cards came in handy since the AO was still wet from the rain that night. However, my deck of cards did not pass the moisture test and have since been recycled.

    Great work today men. I enjoyed the Q today and thanks for the quality control suggestions to keep things moving along. Duly noted for PAX of Cards 2.0

    Welcome to the 2 new FNG’s, Inventory and Two Socks!

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