Glock’s First Pull Out of the Holster

After giving an authoritative (and free) tutorial on the law of contributory negligence in North Carolina, Glock (yes i’m speaking in third person) embarked on his maiden Q voyage with 25 supportive followers and Chowder. After doing butt kickers and high knees down Highland Creek Parkway, and running sideways in both directions (whatever that’s called), the Q and 26 mostly encouraging PAX dropped for 15 impromptu burpees. Then on to warmups, which consisted of the following exercises:  SSH; Imperial Storm Trooper, Carolina Dry Docks, Mountain Climbers, Merkins and maybe one or two others. The Q is unable to remember the exact number or sequence of each exercise after becoming flustered by the merciless heckling and jeering of one of our heretofore most respected members, who shall remain nameless, and who took great delight in identifying each procedural misstep and miscue (of which there were many) of the insecure Q.

Nevertheless, notwithstanding and irrespective of this boorish behavior, the Q managed to soldier on with his dignity in tatters to lead the PAX through three cycles of the following:  20-25 incline pushups; 30 squats; 20-25 decline pushups; and 26 lunges, with an uphill or downhill run between each exercise.

We then proceeded with the peoples chair, eventually incorporating air presses in cadence (Chowder, did I use that word in the right order?), and then on to a 10-1 ladder with donkey kicks on the brick wall and Korean war sit-ups at the top of the hill.

We then ran to the back parking lot (particularly fast in my case to escape the ridicule) and climbed the railings of the temporary classroom buildings, followed by 30 LBC’s.

Finished with pretzel crunches, squirms and maybe one other.

Seriously though, glad to have that first one under my belt and truly thankful for the support and encouragement from all of you guys (yes, even you Chowder).

* Posted on behalf of Glock

4 thoughts on “Glock’s First Pull Out of the Holster

  1. The Nanny Post author

    @Glock First one is under your belt..or holster…and there is no where to go but up, up, and away. Yes there may have been some public on the job training re: cadence speed and lingo sequence, but ANY guy who has led this group of men respected the fact that you threw your hat in the ring and tackled your first Q. T-claps to you for that. If this group of guys did not like you so darn much, you would not have gotten as much heckling – wear it as a badge of honor. Re: the workout itself….Our work next to the People’s Wall was strong – those three loops hurt and I am feeling it today.

  2. Gump

    @Glock, great Q and I hope to see you out there again. However, “Ready, Set, Go” may have to be worked on a bit; first time I have heard that one.

    Thanks for stepping up, it gets better with practice!

  3. Alcatraz

    @Glock, nevertheless, notwithstanding and irrespective of any chatter you delivered an impressive downPAINment. I don’t know if it is any consolation, but the heretofore most respected member who shall remain nameless was my partner during the incline and decline merkins. Who knew partner incline merkins would be as hard on the one not doing the merkins? Therefore, he had to endure just shy of an 8th of a ton on his back for those three rounds. So know I have your back and was on his.

    And T-claps for the most impressive use of vocabulary I have ever seen in a backblast. It was so good I had to quote you in my comments.

  4. Derby

    Pulling the gun out of the holster for the first time on your virgin Q…something seems a bit strange with that statement, but I’m not quite sure what.

    Anyway, well done Glock! First of all, this was definitely the most fun virgin Q beatdown I’ve had the pleasure of awakening for. Secondly, I too appreciate your scathing use of the dictionary in the backblast. And lastly, I most appreciate your commitment to keeping ridiculousness labeled as just that… ridiculousness (as far as all these crazy names and forms within F3 are concerned).

    P.S. If Gump hasn’t ever heard of ready, set, go, I think we may have bigger problems.

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