“You got a problem with drilling Probie!”

14 PAX gathered on the training grounds at ASEC on a brilliant morning with clear skies and 52 degrees.  We deployed the fire hose, fought the fire, and wrestled the fire hose for a different kind of beatdown this morning.


  • 25 Butt Kickers IC
  • 25 High Knees IC
  • 20 Dips IC
  • 15 Derkins IC
  • 20 KGB’s IC


Break into two groups of 7. Each group is responsible for one 50 ft section of fire hose. With the hose above their heads, time for a mosey…wait…er…I mean hosey down to Hamburger Hill at Mall Dr.. Alternate between hose being over head, right arm out left arm in, left arm out right arm in, and shoulder.

On the Hamburger Hill at Mall Dr: Lay the hoses in parallel lines going up the hill. At all times there is one man fireman crawl/pull by pulling himself uphill on the hose At least 2 Men holding the hose at the top of the hill to support climber Remaining men crab walk downhill before starting their army pull (we know Cujo has returned due to the griping here!) Each man completes the crawl 3X

On the Flast Grass at Mall Dr.: 7 on 7 Fire Hose Tug of War Best out of Three (Ok there is much room for debate on the outcome of this drill as one team could have been deemed feather weights and the other looked like the stockyard at a Cattle sell! But the lightweights held their own until Grover threw in a kink and side swiped the hose knocking Indy and Backdraft off balance! What cannot be denied is that this was a true beatdown of a drill enjoyed by all!)

Head to top of Boot Hill Lake Concord Rd.: Wrap the fire hoses around the base of the light pole giving 2 even lengths. One man is doing Arm Whips with hoses, side to sides, or double whips Other men are alternating in no specific order between: Flutter Kicks, Fred Merks, LBCs, Squats, Squats, and Merkins 30 seconds each station and rotate, 1 rd.
Hosey to ASEC in the same groups of 2. (Plow Horse) Create a V out of the fire hoses. 3 Men on each end of the V, one Man at Point of V w/ hose around waist Man at V Point runs as hard as they can with other X PAX pulling against him- perform for 30 secs and then rotate clockwise with man on left part of V moving into the V Point. (apparent Cujo is back as griping continues, watch out was Catfish hurling?)


Lay the hoses out in parallel lines at Mary:

Center Side to Side Hops over the Hose in a zig zag pattern, walk the other hose beam style back X3.


As always it was an Honor to lead you men this morning as we get fit in honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

As a side note this was a bit like herding cats at some points! And before any of you consider a career change to ride the BRT (Big Red Truck) with me, we got some serious work to do!



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  1. Cupid

    Man, I’m sorry I missed this – but then if it happens again, I expect a Jr Fire Marshal hat.

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