Veni, Vidi, Juggi at El DeJugO


59 F and clear – Optimal conditions – greeted 14 hard-chargers who traded fart-sack snugness for El Dorado jugness as they decided it was a great morning to get juggy wid it.  Here be ye olde jugge thange to the best of my recollection and in no particular order:

Drop for 30 mercs to get our minds right (gomr)

Juggy joggy cross the road, around the bend enroute to Sneaky Pete.  Stop along the way for some juggy CoP

20 x SSH

10 x JSH

10 x windmill

5 x jugmill

20 x ist

15 x juggy squats

15 x juggy lifts

Finish juggy joggy to Sneaky Pete bilge

Juggy bears up first ramp for what we’ll call 60 yards

Partner up. #1 does merks while #2 does 120 yd jug a lug.  Pancake until reach total of 150 merks.

Same partner.  #1 does LBC while #2 does 120 yd jug a lug.  Pancake until reach total of 200 LBC

Juggy joggy back to bilge for juggy mason twists.  Juggy ascent to Sneaky Pete’s crow’s nest

Circle up.  Jugg Webb-amid.  1/4 ratio up to 7/28 and then back down.  After this it all gets a little murky.

Juggy curls for girls x 10

Down to level 6 Juggy lifts x15?

Down to level 5  Juggy squats x 15?

Down to level 4.  something juggy (Juggy Al Gore’s maybe?)

Down to level 3.  Something or other… pickle pounders x 10 maybe?

Down to level 2 where we did who knows what.  I know it was juggy related though.

Down to level 1.  Out and juggy mosey with raises up the rise to intersection.  Circle up for some juggy presses I think.  I know we did 15 Jug War II sit-ups somewhere in there too.

Juggy jog to next intersection for more stuff.  Then juggy jog to traffic circle where my memory becomes clear again.  10 juggy Turkish get ups.  Juggy joggy back to launch pad for 10 more juggy Turkish get ups.

Finish with an abdominal What’s that spell?  Jug-A-Luggg!!!


  • Even after upping the Jug Webb ante from Saturday’s jugalug, Chowder was still jonesing for more.  That’s strong.  Nuts… but strong.
  • Next time 2x ascents up Sneaky Pete?  Yes, let’s.
  • MECA-men are megamen. Fast and furious all of them.  The furious part was especially evident as several pax launched and destroyed their jugs at the completion of this awfulness.
  • ‘Twas great to catch up with some old friends and make a few new ones.  El Dorado remains a great AO.  YHC needs to head down there more often.
  • Great morning men!  I send you many jugs and kisses for your MECA hospitality.

Gnarly Goat sends




9 thoughts on “Veni, Vidi, Juggi at El DeJugO

  1. Colonel Mustard

    Thanks for the Q @GnarlyGoat. Your jugs are always a pleasent sight to see even when they are exposed. T-Claps brother for the upper body #JugFeast.

    @Chowder – Great to patner with you brother, its been a while since that has happened. I hope your dry shower went well this morning… It would have been a better experience if @Chavez posted. He’s a pro at dry showers.

    @Frodo – Enjoyed the 2ndF to and from #ElDorado.

  2. Skipper

    @GnarlyGoat – Always an honor and pleasure! Thanks for making the trek down and for bringing your exercise bike…oh yeah, jugs too. Last night I was looking up some old BBs to send to my buddy @Crablegs who will be making his VQ this week and I ran across one from 11/5/2011 when a young @Skipper and @GnarlyGoat were both at their first Saturday workout. #oldschoolBRP

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    @GnarlyGoat – I’m glad I made today my return trip to #ElDorado. I’ve heard of the jug workout and Dingo’s done one twice at tradition, but it was good to experience the original with you. I’m definitely feeling it and was ready to take a nap around 9:30 this morning.

    @Pharaoh – Great pairing up with you brother. We had a good routine for the merkins and LBCs. Some good 2ndF too.

    @Chowder – I think the tradition men beat your expectation with three this morning. Does this mean you owe us money? #traditionstrong

    1. Colonel Mustard

      One post of three Tradition men is not going to get it done. We need some consistency out of you men, not being a runner is not an excuse for you guys either. #ElDorado serves all men, know matter size or ability.

        1. Chicken Strip

          Hate that I had to miss yesterday and already broke my streak in attendance defaming Tradition’s name. I came down with the stomach bug which would not have been pleasant for anyone. I hope to be back in action next week for El Dorado.

  4. The Nanny

    @Goat Good one this morning. Need more of those upper body beatdowns to balance out the higher % of running we have been doing lately. thx for bringing it.

    @Men – that 60 yd juggy bear crawl up the ramp and the Jugg Webb-amid was a beast – one of those things that you don’t think you are going to be able to finish and then you do…and realize you can do anything. Here’s a toast to more of that.

    1. Kato

      Agreed on the bear crawl. Finishing something you don’t think your capable of is a great start for the day ahead. Makes you feel like a kid again (a tired kid).

      My jugs technically paid the greater price on the bear crawl. Both sprung small leaks as I slid/dropped/drug them up the ramp.

      After being up to somewhere around midnight with a little 2.0, I didn’t want to post this morning. Once there, I was pulled by everyone in the workout and had a great 3rd F conversation with @LawDawg on the way home. Being around you guys makes me a better man.

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