Kirk Visits Highlands

The Pax were 19 strong for this monrning’s fun…

The Thang:

Mosey and skip to COP

COP: SSH x 25, imperial storm trooper x 20, windmill x 15, airsquats x 10

Count off by 3’s, mosey to upper bus lot.

“KIRK” (may have been slightly modified)

7 pull-ups
14 burpees
21 dips
28 merkins
35 air squats
42 LBC’s

[Grp 1 started with pull ups, Grp 3 dips, Grp 4 air squats]

Target was to make it through 5 x by 06:05

Mosey around M.S. in indian run with cone passes pack to car lot


each x 10 in cadence: low flutter, low dolly, mason twist, squirm, crunchy frog

The Moleskin:

1. I’ve heard a lot about the Kirk workout from other F3 areas so thought we’d give it a shot this morning. I don’t think it disappointed anyone. Definitely a tough, full-body workout.

2. Loved the effort all around. It can be easy to go at slower pace in set circuits like that, so well done on the Pax keeping it going.

3. Quote of the morning of course came from fan favorite, Chopper, during the first round of air squats: “I can’t even talk right now.” I saw him again at the air squat station near the end of the workout and asked how he was now able to talk it up (at his normal pace). His response “I found my rhythm.” Priceless.

4. F3 Highlands Shield tomorrow. Details in the BB on location and time. Come listen on how to be a real man of God, a man of steel. It’s going to be a great evening of 3rd F for Pax who have been or not been before. Please consider making it.

Have a great day.


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  1. James Walker

    Hey when and where where is the bible study tonight? It was mentioned yesterday and I wanna go.

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