Bricks and Dumbocrats

19 PAX this day gathered in a foggy gloom of 35F. Debriefing occurred at parking area with each PAX grabbing his ordinance of 4 lb paver/brick.  NOTE TO NANNY: These were much smaller than the pavers we used in JAN. But Frodo still does not understand why a man would run wid weights to hinder speed. Frodo does not believe in muscle above de waist. Jibber jab.


Mosey to far Deck with brick held with 2 hands in front at belly button height and relaxed elbows (1 mile). Always amazed at how that feels further than a mile. Hill at last 400 yards may relate to this feeling of how did I get here?

Pair up once all arrived

PAX 1 goes up Stairway to Heaven SINGLE STEP AT A TIME WITH BRICK..94 steps..why single instead of bounding up 2 or 3?…because its harder to chop out 94 as opposed to 47 letting inertia carry you up..HR is gonna zoom. There was some walking up those steps towards the end.

PAX 2 goes up Mine Shaft 2 STEPS AT A TIME WITH BRICK

Both meet at top in MIDDLE of upper deck

PERFORM 10 Dumbocrats (One PAX with LEGS on back of other at 90 degree angle with one doing Derkin and other weighted Merkin)


CROSS IN MIDDLE at bottom and flip stairwells

At top alternate which PAX is doing weighted Merkin and Derkin each time


MOSEY BACK TO START 1 mile with brick (this was a slow crawl for many)


As noted in the tweets this had elements of both SS Minnows and Fishwraps beatdowns from February. I thank them for their ideas and hours of help in devising this grinder.  Exit 54 got hit (man down) but is expected to live thanks to Medic Bootstrap running back to get ambulance to get him back. Just lost a leg is all and all bleeding eventually stops.  Many bricks were broken during the beatdown but it all good.  There is always more bricks Frodo.  Brick did not slow down Frodo let the record reflect as his lungs are too strong and big for body mass.  T claps to Dr Doolittle and Deertick for posting their first El Dorado today and working hard. Chicken strip need more biscuits…talk about a sugar ray.  Dang.



4 thoughts on “Bricks and Dumbocrats

  1. Frodo

    Great beatdown, Indy. I was very relieved to see the size of the bricks you brought. I was expecting to see cinder block size.

    @Stoli and Grover – I spent a lot of time looking at your backs this morning. Strong, consistent effort by both of you.

    @Col. Mustard – Great partnering with you. El Dorado after a month off from running is not fun. T-Claps for pushing through and keeping your feet moving.

    @El Dorado FNGs – Great to have you all out there. It was good to see a bunch of new faces. We do this every Monday…hope to see you all next week.

    @Exit – Hope you heal up quickly. IT’s never good to see a man go down…especially on stairs…while carrying a brick. I don’t think I heard Indy give a disclaimer, so you could have a case against him.

    1. Gordo

      @Indiana, enjoyed the workout. It was hard work!

      @Chickenstrip, enjoyed partnering up with you. Well done today.

      @Exit 54, hope that ankle twist is not as bad as it looked. Take care of it and heal it up so we can see you out there when it is well.

  2. Colonel Mustard

    @Indy – thanks for bringing the bricks again, I guess… I found it tougher to run up stairs while holding a brick in my hands. Interesting how a little weight will change things.

    @Frodo – Sorry if I slowed you down brother, I was struggling to get up those steps this morning. Like a true teammate you carried me by running and meeting me instead of standing around. #Iam3rd

    @Stoli and @Grover – strong work men!

  3. Chicken Strip

    @Indy – Great workout, it was a good introduction to El Dorado and the parking garage for me.

    @Gordo – Thanks for pairing up with me even though I might have been holding you back on my first El Dorado workout.

    @Exit 54 – Hope the ankle heals quick and that you’re able to join us again soon.

    This was my first post to El Dorado. Great to see everyone and meet some new guys. I plan on coming back, it’s nice to train with faster guys.

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