Not a Thousand Points of Light (more like five.)

Gotta get back on the move after yesterday’s snow-induced “Hiccup at Highlands” (I’m making that an official thing.) So, a dozen #faithful stepped out (precariously) to turn their wheels and get some interval intensity. Disclaimer was critical today for those not named #Yamaguchi (YHC’s ’92 Winter Olympics crush.) Now that @Nanny’s here, we can get started.

The Thang
Fellowship warmup with the Firehouse Loop, dropping five points along the way:
Point 1 – Middle of parking lot between schools
Point 2 – Bus lot entrance to Shelley
Point 3 – Intersection of Shelley and Ridge
Point 4 – Intersection of Ridge and Street St.
Point 5 – Stop sign at end of Street St.

Upon arriving back at start point, alternate point to point between hard interval and recovery interval for two laps. Regroup.

Line up at far end of the bean. Pick a rabbit (@Glock goes first.) Rabbit throws a snowball (or more accurately, “crusty top-layer ice chunk”) into the air and starts running. Once crusty top-layer ice-chunk hits the ground, the rest of the PAX chase the rabbit until they catch him (or in @Nanny and @Derby’s case, until you run out of real estate) while making best-effort to stay upright. Rinse and repeat x 6 (I think) or 5 for @Chavez.


– Shield next Wednesday, March 4th, 8p-10p at somebody’s house (should have paid better attention)
– Run the Creek 5k – March 21 @ HC Elementary – great family event!
– USMC MudRun – April 11 – deadline for registration is Saturday. Sign up TODAY so we can avoid commandeering @Ironhide’s minivan rather than a bus!

The crusty top-layer Moleskin
– Good mix to get a little “track-like” speed work in without the actual track, though the track might have been safer.
– Good work by all today… not only in effort, but showing your cat-like agility on the black ice
– I think we all learned a lot about how different PAX handle being a chaser vs. being chased. YHC thinks @Nanny showed the most variance between the two with a much stronger performance when being chased… #misguidedyouth?
– Cobains to @ManDown for making him flashback with 3 trips past #nicknamecorner
– I heard a few PAX reference some tweaks that happened this a.m. Rest ’em up and give them plenty of recovery. Don’t want to lose you guys from the gloom long term due to injury
– #Eldorado on Monday, 0515 @Chipotle parking lot – Indy’s got some block and roll planned

5 thoughts on “Not a Thousand Points of Light (more like five.)

  1. Man Down

    Despite @Frodo’s not-so-warm welcome this morning (#wrongsideoftracks) and a tweaked groin muscle, I thoroughly enjoyed this morning’s Speed workout! Wish I could do more of these, but the M usually does Friday FIA and, well, someone has to stay close by home (#responsibledadaward). Great lead @Chowder!

  2. Gordo

    I have to agree with@man down, it was a enjoyable workout. Liked the cat and mouse game at the end. Might have to steal that one for a regular Bootcamp.

  3. The Nanny

    @Chowder I appreciated the 1,000 points of light reference. When I read it my brain automatically converted it into Carvey’s voice…weird. It was like voodoo magic or something… Great creative Q this morning. I am officially a fan of the 5 points route. In fact I want to get the 5 points tee shirt. Also, re: my apparent performance variance between chaser and chased…when I was being chased I was moving quicker b/c I was trying to catch that Blue Bell Ice Cream truck that kept circling Ridge Middle School. Otherwise I would have been caught for sure.

    @Smokey I enjoyed our brief chat this morning. And even though Google stood you up this morning, T-claps for posting, and buckle down in future wed/fri’s and start posting consistently. There is a runner in there trying to get out.

    @Gordo That was one heck of a push for our final #SnowballChaser drill. I wasn’t sure if Frodo was going to be able to catch you or not.

  4. Google

    @ Nanny.. Actually this was a planned #fartsack.. But when I mentioned speed to @smokey last night I saw a little glimpse in his eye that he might post.. So I figured it would a little white lie was worth getting him to post this AM.. He will thank me later! #Fartsack was so comfy…

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