Safety Brew

5 of Harrisburg’s Faithful “ahem.”  showed up tonight for some drinks and great fellowship.

Playing the night safe… I started with selecting a table, but not too big of a table, because it may be snowing and nobody may come… Relieved to see Klump walking through the door shortly after I sat down,  HDHH successfully started around 6:15.    Great hanging out with Prof. Klump and reliving some of the 80’s.  Later, Klump and I were joined by Deuce, Titleist, and Riptide.   Somewhere next door Bull was throughly enjoying family time at Karate.  Many jokes on how to crash Karate lessons to get Bull out of parents night.  However,  fearing what bodily damage a group of small ninja’s could do,  we opted to play it safe and stay put and drink our beer.  Burgers avoided, again playing it safe,  we stuck to the basics of Irish food – Beer.  Lively conversation ensued.   (Never get a burger from Flanagan’s – Thanks Deuce!)   Then things got really out of hand….  Three HC for the Harrisburg 5k in April.  I know, right … crazy.  Anyway,  somewhere around 8:30 the heavy stuff started coming down and all the patron’s had left except for us.   The waitress was giving us the stink eye and to be on the safe side of what may land in our next beer,  we decided to pack it up and head out in the wintry mix.

Seriously,  a great night and good laughs!   Thanks for showing and braving the elements to join for some sprits and fellowship.

YHC Escalade.

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