F3 Concord – The Meaning of Wildlife?

14 pax ventured a snowblown Tuesday.
24° and snowing… lets get started.

1.0 workout.
Warmarama: mosey to dark street with culdasack at the end…
-SSH X25 IC.
-Cotton Pickers X25 IC.
-LBC’s X25 IC.
-Prison Squates X30 SC.
++Rinse & Repeat++

Mosey to light-pole-drag-strip…
-Start: Merkins X15
-1st Pole: Merkins X12/Dry Docks X10
-2nd Pole: Merkins X10/Dry DocksX8
-3rd Pole: Merkins X8/Dry Docks X8
With runs between each pole.

Mosey back to ASEC/Grab a rock…
-Curls X10
Mosey to pull bar…
-Pullups X8
Rinse & Repeat 4X

Mosey to shelter/pick a bench…
-Dips X25 SC
-LBC’s X25 IC
Rinse & Repeat 3X

Mosey to Mary….

2.0 Workout:
Mosey to the upper lot, circle up:
SSH x 25 (IC)
Cotton pickers x 15 (IC)
Air squats x 20 (IC)
Mountain climbers x 20 (IC)

Merkens x 10
Pull-ups x 5
Military merkens x 10
Reverse-grip pull-ups x 5
Wide-stance merkens x 10
Close-grip pull-ups x 5
Decline merkens x 10
Lawnmowers w/ rock x 10 each side
Diamond merkens x 10
Bent-over rows w/ rock x 10
Two-stage merkens x 10
Upright rows w/ rock x 10

REPEATO until time for Mary

-2min plank
-Freddy Merks X25 IC

Exit Audible…. regreted asking…
-scissor legs… lost count.
-Ended with those things grover likes so much, on hands and knees to chest side to side… sorry, blanking on the name… they were X25 IC.

Was a good morning with no injuries.
Humbling experience each time, especially to lead.
Thank you for a well supported morning.
Now get back to work.

Boo Boo

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