Schools may have been closed, but the Cruise was open!

8 daring PAX braved the howling wind, black ice, crunchy snow and other scary things this morning to get their run on.  Actually, it wasn’t scary at all… just a little funny watching guys slip-and-almost-fall for most of the run.

The thing:

– Modified run-the-creek 5k course with an extra FairVista loop and Firehouse hoop thrown in… about 4.5 miles or so.


– I wish I had some video of us prancing around on our tip toes every time we came to anything that looked half-way slippery… and someone (I think @Chowder?) calling out “short steps, short steps!”

– @Skipper let us know that it is ok to steal shoes as long as part of the proceeds go to charity.


– Hump day happy hour tonight (Wednesday) at 8:00… at some place called Eastfield something-or-other.

– Higlands Creek 5k, Mud Run and Blue Ridge Relay coming up!  See @TheNanny or @Chowder for more details… or just google them, good websights for all three events.

4 thoughts on “Schools may have been closed, but the Cruise was open!

  1. Chowder

    That would be @Search_and_Rescue… our latest HC for BRR! Good stuff today @Ironhide! Enjoyed the 2nd F all around…

  2. The Nanny

    Hated to miss it. Late bedtime and I could not bring myself to only give the body less than 5 hrs sleep 🙁

  3. SearchRescue

    That would be me… Search & Rescue. I wouldn’t say that I am ready for BRR, but I am looking forward to it! Just looked at legs and there are definitely a few I hope I don’t draw the short end of the stick for. Hope to see everyone for HDHH tonight @ Eastfield.

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