Harrisburg 500

18 posted in 19 degree temps to celebrate 500 workouts since our launch on June 4, 2013. Since 500 reps just isn’t enough, we pushed ourselves to 1500 reps and 500 yards of sprints. And some other stuff. Then coffee.

Mosey down the the lot and circle up.
SSH x20
Mericans x20
The Squirm x20
SSH x15
Mericans x15
The Squirm x15
SSH x10
Mericans x10
The Squirm x10
SSH x5
Mericans x5
The Squirm x5
(7 minutes in…300 reps down)

Out to the football field, line up at goal line
Air Squats x20
CDD x20
The W x20
Sprint to mid-field
Air Squats x15
CDD x15
The W x15
Sprint to the other goal line
Air Squats x10
CDD x10
The W x10
Air Squats x5
CDD x5
The W x5

Over to the play ground
5 sets of 10 Single-leg Calf Raises, 10 Pull-ups, 10 Low Flutters
Sprint across the field and back
5 more sets

Sprint across the field, then sprint back to the concession stand
Peoples Chair w/Air Presses x25
LBC x25
Sprint across the field, then sprint back
Peoples Chair w/Air Presses x25
LBC x25

Up to the curb
5 sets of 20 Curb Hops, 20 Dips, 20 Reverse Crunches

Sprint up the drive to the turnaround and circle up
LBC x20
Low Flutter x20
Pretzel Crunch x10 each side
The Squirm x20
Low Dolly x20

Then just for good measure, 1+ minute Plank during announcements #multitasking

Finish off with 5 minutes of Stretching/Broga, courtesy of Deuce


1. Congrats to all the men of F3Harrisburg on 500 workouts and over 5200 individual posts, not to mention countless 5ks, half/full marathons, Mud Runs, Spartan races (Gapper says join his team), BRR, GoRucks, etc. time for us to give it away – we’ll be looking to our surrounding areas for new plants. Stay tuned…

2. Tclaps to Bull, BBQ and SSMinnow for hitting the pre-workout Bull Run and Gapper, Clueless and Segundo for Mud Run training.

3. Yes, there was a Swami sighting. Welcome back out, brother – hasn’t been the same.

4. Second post for Evite. Hang in there, you will continue to get stronger.

5. #TheFullStarsky was in effect at coffeeteria. Good to see the elbow is on the mend.

6. Lastly, congrats to Riptide on his Myrtle Beach marathon, and to Solo Cup for the Krispy Kreme Challenge. Personally, I’d opt for the latter.

Pax tibi,

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  1. Billy Goat

    500 strong, well done boys!

    @Swami – good seeing you at the hoops court this morning, always good seeing F3 brothers watching 2.0s on the ball fields or in the gyms. Don’t worry @Gamma, Swami put on a strong EH (must have been the good workout this morning).

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