Poker at Rolling Stone

10 stoners arrived in the slighly damp gloom to play a litte poker (note, the deck may or may not be stacked!).  It went something like this:

Walking warm-o-rama: Frankenstine walk (+variations), lunge stretch (elbow to ankle), inchworm with back extension, slow mosey

COP: SSH, Windmills, Mountain Climbers, CDD, Peter Parker, Parker Peter

Mosey (+30 lunge walk) to back of school to porch and play some poker.

Pox’s Poker Directions: Circle-up, each member of pax pulls a card from the deck and lead the exercise: 3-9=exercise x5, 10-Kings=x10, Ace=x15, 2=doubles value of next card

Round 1:

  •   Hearts = Merkins
  • Diamonds = star merkins
  • Clubs = Air Press (I.C.)
  • Spades = CDD

Round 2:

  • Hearts = Squats
  • Diamonds = Jumping Squats
  • Clubs = Step-ups (each leg)
  • Spades = Apollo Ohnos

Mosey around school and continue

Round 3:

  • H = V-ups
  • D = Low Dolly (IC)
  • C = LBC (IC)
  • S = Mason Twist (IC)

Round 4: (The money round, the Pax was all in)

  • H = Burpees
  • D = 8 count body builders (man makers)
  • C = Bobby Hurleys
  • S = SSH

Round 5: (Mary)

  • H = Bicylcle (IC)
  • D Freddy Mercury (IC)
  • C = W (IC)
  • S = Plank Jacks (IC)

The moleskin:

  • Great to have double digits this am with schnitzel, quidich, and eggplant making their long awaited return
  • Nice work Pax, while I didn’t keep count with 10 cards+ per round that means we roughly did 25 of each exercise
  • Round 4 was not easy, way to push it
  • Note to new guys, this is a great workout in a bag, I actually had 6 rounds planned depending on numbers (Dips, incline merkins, decline merkins, mountain climbers) – if you haven’t signed up to lead, go for it, you can do it!
  • Don’t leave Waterboy by himself tomorrow – get some satisfaction!

6 thoughts on “Poker at Rolling Stone

  1. Pox Post author

    Had a lot of fun leading this am, wet weather got me thinking about using the porch – hope you all enjoyed it

  2. Schnitzel

    @Pox – very good, stairs are tough this morning. Will definitely need Cruise tomorrow to prevent total immobility tomorrow.
    @Waterboy/Lawdawg – thanks for the keys rescue mission assistance this morning. Just glad we didn’t do bear crawls down on the football field!

  3. Kato

    Great to see double digits at Rolling Stone. Hate to miss a @Pox workout….the M was sick this morning and I had to stay at home to get the kids ready for the day.

    Speaking of double digits….what about tomorrow? Best way to prepare for the mud run is to run. If you’re not a runner, Rolling Stone is the best place to get started.

  4. LawDawg

    In like flyn for tomorrows satisfaction.

    @Pox, great lead. I’m not going to lie, after some time off I thought I was going to spill some merlot during the bodybuilders.

    @Sugar, strong work today, you were pushing hard I could tell.

  5. WaterBoy

    @pox great beat down. The second half of the workout got me. By the way I really like the stretches you do in warmup. Really helps me.

    Just saying but I heard some guys calling cadence that are ready to q

    I really enjoyed the second f today in th alcove. Watching everyone push made me push harder.
    @schnitzel great to see and quidich you today

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