5K Training: Week 2

Four men gathered in the Gloom to complete the second week of the Harrisburg 5K Training Program.

Link to the program:



Week  two: two minute warm up; then run for two minutes and walk for one for 20 minutes. End with a two minute cool down. The goal is to develop the ability to continuously run by varying your pace.

We did a few more cycles than I originally planned, ending with 2.61 miles (by my watch).

  1. I was excited to see @Copertone (burley as a mountain boy) show up this morning.  Way to push out there. 30 minutes is a strong goal for a first 5k, you can do it.   I hope @JackieChiles gets to feeling better soon
  2. Othello, way to push through the Shin Splints. Here is an article that may help: http://www.sportsinjurybulletin.com/archive/0161-shin-splints-treatment.htm#
  3. If you were out there today, you won’t have any issues with a 5k. Next week we will go off the track and run around the school a little bit (throw in some gradual hills)
  4. Continue to work on your own Wednesday and Saturday.  Sprinkle in some cross training throughout the week
  5. Harrisburg 5k registration is open: http://www.active.com/harrisburg-nc/running/distance-running-races/harrisburg-5k-2015 (it says 8 PM but it starts at 8 AM)


Solo Cup

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  1. RibShack

    A nice pleasant “stroll” since you didn’t turn on your jets @SoloCup. Enjoyed it, thanks for the lead!

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