Solid to the “CORE”

3 Harrisburg men met in the chilly gloom get solid to the “CORE”. Here’s how it went down…

WARM-UP (x denotes cadence):
Head Rolls
Deep Breath/Chest Stretch
Side Stretch
March in place- Knees hit hands, wide knees
Train Track front leg hamstring stretch (L/R)

THE THANG (10seconds rest/prep, 30 seconds exercise, repeat):
Stacked hand/feet merkins
Banana Rolls
Squat run
Sphinx Merkins
Lunge and Reach
Low Lateral Skaters
Prison Cell merkins
Side hip raise
Squat X-press
Plank/Mountain Climbers/Charturanga run
Walking merkins
Reach high and under merkin
Steam Engine (IST)
Roll and Jump
Halfback – 4 tires, 6-8 high knees back

MARY (x denotes cadence):
Didn’t do CORE……because we just did that in “The Thang”!
Cat to cow
Downward Dog calves stretch
Pigeon stretch
Wide leg hamstring stretch

COT:  Banjo Boy led us out

1.  Always an honor to lead.  Hope you guys found it to be helpful.  Riblet, you are getting stronger every day my young man, keep it up!
2.  For updates on other activities….read Solo’s “Road Warrior” Post.

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