Just glad I didn’t get us lost…

@The_Nanny asked me if I would take over as Highlands Cruise master-Q (Q-master?), and I was excited to lead my first run this morning.  Unfortunately, I had missed last week’s run and I unwittingly repeated the same course this week.  Much like Johnny Football, my one and only chance at a debut had gone terribly wrong.  The Pax was kind enough to not bring this to my attention at the time, and we ended up having a pretty solid run in the end… and no one complained (out loud) of boredom from seeing the same houses and trees two weeks in a row.

The Thang:

Modified Run the Creek 5k course:
– Long – add a firehouse loop to the medium run (~4.75 miles)
– Medium – add a reverse Beauvista loop to the basic 5k course (~3.7 miles)
– Short – no adders on the 5k course (~3.1 miles)

Everyone re-convenes at the parking lot

** Disclaimer: I don’t have a fancy watch, so the distances are approximate… except for the Long, @The_Nanny gave me that one.

– BRR : see @The_Nanny or @Chowder if interested…  This is a great race that I have run before, and I strongly encourage everyone to participate.  Anybody coming out and running with us at 05:30 in 27 degree weather has what it takes to pull this off.  Below is a link to a video I made of a similar race in the north Georgia mountains that I participated in for several years… just to give a taste of what this type of event is like. (* The BRR is much bigger then the race in the video, so take all the fun and awesomness you see and multiply it by 10).  The video is pretty long… the actual race starts at the 6:50 mark.


* I appologize for the weird, wavy image on youtube… maybe some of you more tech savy guys can tell me why it is doing that.

– 3rd F / Shield is at @The_Nanny’s house tonight at 8:00 P.M.
– See @BOS for info on the Mud Run coming up, and start thinking about teams.

The Moleskin? (Not sure what this means)
– I wish I had more cool things to list here, but I basically ran the whole course with @J-Low as the rest of the PAX seemed to be hanging back in an obvious attempt to make me feel good and fast for my first Q.
– Then @Frodo shattered my new found confidence by catching and passing me in the last 800 meters… without breathing hard.

2 thoughts on “Just glad I didn’t get us lost…

  1. Chowder

    Wow! Great numbers! Hate I missed it… and I really needed it, too. Phone (which doubles as alarm) battery died last night and I forgot to turn it back on once I got it plugged in back home.

    @Ironhide – looks like your first Q went smooth and without a hitch. T-claps on your efforts and extra props for a good first backblast. You’re a natural!

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