Every Little Bit Helps

Two Pax posted for a slow easy run this morning. One had to leave early but posted anyway to run for as long as he could. Over time, he’ll find that every little bit helps. This morning’s run combined many of the things I hate:

1. Cold Weather

2. Getting Up Early

3. Darkness

4. Running……especially running. Before F3, I don’t recall running more than 1 mile in my life. Running was always something I did if I had to and was justifiable in situations where it was required to save my life.

I’d tried running on a number of occasions and it always¬†just sucked. It hurt, it didn’t feel good, it was boring, and there was no real reason to do it. F3 has done little to¬†change much of that for me:

  • Running on my own still sucks….I lack the self discipline to do it.
  • It still doesn’t feel good…I’ve never felt the “runner’s high” I’ve heard others refer to.
  • Sometimes it hurts, though I’m learning the right things to do to avoid the pain.

Here’s what has changed: I now have a reason to run:

  • While the act of running never feels good to me, I feel fantastic for much of the day afterwards.
  • The F2 experienced with other Pax on the runs is priceless.
  • My weight and blood pressure are now in check.
  • Almost every other workout we do, including the CSAUPs, has a measure of running. They don’t suck nearly as much now that I can run some distance without spilling merlot.

I’m not a runner. I never will be. I’ll likely never run on my own. But I’ll post at a F3 running workout…..even a short easy one like today because every little bit helps.

2 thoughts on “Every Little Bit Helps

  1. Kato Post author

    @Waterboy: Great running with you this morning. You’re an inspiration to me and I enjoyed the 2nd F.

    BTW: I forgot to mention in the Backblast: Don’t forget the Shield tonight at Nanny’s. 8-10PM.

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