The Iron Cross Comes to Tradition!

Last Monday I reached my six month anniversary as a member of the Pax and have been itching to introduce Tradition to the workout that started it all for me.  Today was the day.  YHC arrived at approximately 5:22am thinking I was going to be too late to direct traffic (#youhadtoshowtoknow) but realized that wouldn’t be a problem as I was the first to arrive.  A few more men showed up and we contemplated crashing The Precinct’s party since rumor has it their AO was packed.  However, a few more Tradition Pax arrived bringing our number to 8 and I decided to launch the first installment of the Iron Cross at Tradition!  It went a little something like this:

Disclaimer (sort of)

Lap around the Church, then warm-up including SSHX15 IC, ISTX15 IC, and Cotton PickersX15 IC.  Now that we’ve warmed up…

The Thang:

Partner Up at the center of the cross

Partner wheelbarrow to the first short end of the cross, then do 15 partner throwdowns each.  Flapjack, then partner wheelbarrow back to the center.  Next do side lunges to the other short end of the cross.  Oh look, there are picnic tables at this end!  Might as well use these…15 partner presses each (one partner planks, the other presses his legs), flapjack, then side lunges back to the center.  Next, partner push down to one long end of the cross.  15 mason twists each.  Flapjack, and partner push back to center.  Then, do partner pulls to the other long end of the cross.  Once here, each group does 15 partner derkins.  Flapjack and partner pull back to the center.  This completes one round.  Each group performed this series until time was called.


Iron Cross (stolen from LawDawg and the Rolling Stone Pax)

Homer to Marge Medley led by Forgotten Jelly




1)  I was a bit worried at 5:25am when there were three of us there.  We have gone from a problematic workout this summer to dwindling numbers this winter.  #EHabuddy  #thecoldwonthurtyou

2)  Pharaoh, if I would’ve been thinking clearly, I would’ve had us do five minutes of the squirm in your honor.  #thanksformovingyourcar

3)  Jelly, I have started carrying a spare set of shorts in my car in case I forget to put them on while getting ready.  #yourewelcome

4)  Urlacher, nice meeting you.  I thought you said “Hurt Locker” in the COT and I was wondering how in the world you got THAT name.  You must be nuts to join our Motley Crew #dontworryweallare

5) Belding, yes the Iron Cross workout and Iron Cross Mary are two different things!

6) Speaking of Iron Cross Mary, I wonder if Guinness would still be out there had we not stopped him. #strong

7) Sensei, thanks for being my partner today.  I hope I’m as strong as you are when I’m your age.

8) Blind Date, strong effort today.  I saw you and Jelly powering through it out there.  Impressive!

Great job men!

9 thoughts on “The Iron Cross Comes to Tradition!

  1. The Farm Post author

    Strong work men! This is my third time doing this workout. I remember the first time I did it, I thought I was going to die. Six months later, I Q’d it. F3 is amazing. Sound off below!

      1. The Farm Post author

        My quads don’t like those partner pulls and side lunges any more than they did the first time…

  2. Dutch

    Farm – sounded like a great workout – I took the Q up at our Precinct this morning and hope I gave them a good beat down like yours!

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Enjoyed it man. Definitely felt winded when we were done. Thanks for partnering up Blind Date.

    1. The Farm Post author

      I almost forgot…Tclaps to Jelly for participating in the #Man Up Challenge. He did his pullups before the workout. Is it too late to join?

      1. Forgotten Jelly

        Thanks. It’s not too late to join. I didn’t sign up anywhere, Dingo shared the challenge with me. Just pick it up and start tomorrow.

  4. Guinness

    Great Beatdown,@Farm – a lot of variety. Thanks for partnering, @Urlacker. Thanks Pax for showing up.

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