Secret’s Out

7 pax met to find out who this secret Q was, as we were waiting for Kato with his support system and Lawdawg with the Shovelflag, couldn’t wait any longer because it was 30 sec past 5:30 so Mattress King threw out the disclaimer and the secret was revealed.


Mosey to the E.S., with walking lunges on the way.

Circle up

SSH x 25

Merkins x 15

Imp. Storm Trooper x 15

The Thang:

Partnered up and did a little mudrun training. P1 would do said excersice while P2 would run around the BB court, over the mini walls and over the dome climber.

Excersises were feet on the swing while doing shoulder taps, chinups and jump overs on the balance beam.

After completing the round the pax met up at the dome climber to do chest to bar on the inside of the dome, I think the reference was I like chester’s bar, until we were about thirty in. Dips were done at the benches and a little plank work was done along with a couple sets of merkins.

Mosey back to M.S., ended with WW2 situps, Mason Twist, Mason Merceries ( not sure about that one) and Homer to Marge thanks to Sparknut.


Glad to lead you men this morning, I was hoping that the secret Q would get some people wondering and would show up just to see what was going on, but 7 is still a good number. The mudrun will be here before you know it so get to training and don’t forget the shield is at Nannie’s house tomorrow night.


4 thoughts on “Secret’s Out

  1. Kato

    Nice….thanks for stepping up to lead @MattressKing. I had to miss due to an earlier work commitment this morning.

    By the way….What’s my support system?

    On another note….you forgot to add the Rolling Stone “Satisfaction” cruise to your Moleskin. The mudrun is a run.

    1. Mattress King Post author

      It’s that thing you do of being supportive to different guys at different times. AKA ( support system). Also I think that’s just a label on the mudrun, it’s not really a run, more like an adventure.

  2. WaterBoy

    Great Job stepping up Mattress king. Thanks for leading. You really kept the secret a long time. I was thinking it was red rider because of the highlands shirt at first!

    Great to meet red rider. Cool call sign!

    Lastly…guys we need some folks to really consider signing up to Q. If you haven’t done it please think about it. There a a lot of spots open.

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