5K Training: Week 1

Three men braved the soggy conditions to kick off the inaugural Harrisburg 5K Training Program.

Link to the program:


The Thang:
  • Discussed the program and how it works.  Week one: two minute warm up; then run for one minute and walk for one for 15 minutes. End with a two minute cool down. The goal is to develop the ability to continuously run by varying your pace.
  • Brief discussion on running form: Click Here
  • End with stretch: Click Here
  1. Thanks for showing up @Ribshack.  I would have been real lonely running around the track if you hadn’t been there.
  2. Great to have @Titleist show up.  Keep pushing yourself and stretch regularly.  It’s going to hurt. It doesn’t get any easier. Over time, you will go faster and further.
  3. Continue to work on your own Wednesday and Saturday.  Sprinkle in some cross training throughout the week
  4. We will meet again next Monday.  20 minute,  run two/walk one.  Maybe it won’t rain and @JackieChiles and @Coppertone will be out there.


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