Much respect today

7 men came out to tradition today for a forgotten jelly led beatdown.

Mosey to daycare
Side straddle hop x 12
Imperial Storm roopers x 12
Cotton Pickers x 12

Indian run to Business Park
Snake run through buildings
10 x muscle ups to enter
20 dips
10 x muscle ups to exit

Indian run to daycare
30 yard sprint (15 down and back)
20 jump lunges (10 per leg)
30 yard sprint (15 down and back)
15 Merkins
30 yard sprint (15 down and back)
10 Burpees

Indian run back to church for PAX led Mary

– nice work by all today. I hope your shoulders don’t hurt too much later today.
– There were a lot of AARP jokes today with all of the #respect PAX. While I joked about it, you guys are an inspiration. I hope I’m still going strong when I get over 50.

2 thoughts on “Much respect today

  1. BlindDate

    On behalf of my shoulders,great beatdown #Jelly. It’s always a good thing when you feel soreness before the end of the workout. It tells me that I need to do more exercises focusing on those muscles in the future. Consider that a hint of what my next workout I Q (Feb 17) may entail a bit of.

    Agree with #Jelly on the AARP comment. I hope that I can make it look as easy as you guys do when I reach my 50s.

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