Heartbeat Thursday

23 of Highlands Faithful joined in the gloom to experience what YHC had to offer up and it went like this…

Run to Basketball Courts in Back of School

SSH x19
IST x19

Run to Clubhouse and complete the following with a partner…

(P1 would complete exercise and P2 runs ups the stairs and around the parking lot then switches)
x30 Merkins
x30 Squats
x15 Jump Squats

P1 & P2 run down the cart path, down the hill and back up. At the top of hill complete the following…
15 Partner Derkins
15 LBC

Rinse and Repeat until the Q says stop

Run back to Basketball Courts

Mason Twists x15
Low Dolly x10
Diamond Merkins x10
Low Flutter x20
Wide Merkins x10
Reverse Crunch x20
Regular Merkins x10
Rosalita x20

Wrap it up in COT


My watch said 2.51 miles and I think we ended with ~285 Merkins and ~225 Squats with some abs thrown in.

1. Thanks to all the men how came out this morning, I have been impressed with the numbers. I can recall 2 years ago when there was only 5 guys posting in the Winter.
2. This was a heart pounder, the heart rate stayed elevated the whole time which I really needed this morning.
3. Keep throwing those feet on the floor in the morning and posting, the end of winter is coming and as we all know this is the hardest time to get out the the warm #fartsack.

4 thoughts on “Heartbeat Thursday

  1. The Nanny

    @Mustard You definitely kept the heart rates up. The run to and from the club house were the toughest for me – and the merkins while totally winded – sucked! Other than that….great beatdown! Oh….and great use of our larger HC AO.

    @Ironhide You are a machine. Kept us moving!

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