Interval Cruising

4 Tradition Cruisers showed up in the gloom for some longer-distance interval training that went something like this…

After a mosey around the church, we ran the Old Glory Mile (to the business park and back). The first 1/4 mile, we ran at 25%, then at 75% for the second 1/4 mile, back down to 25% for the next 1/4 mile, and finishing the last 1/4 mile at 75%. After a cool down lap around the church, Repeato two more times.

We finished up with some stretching, and after refusing to help the Iron Fisters return their cinderblocks (we came to run…), joined them for COT & BOM.

The Moleskin:
@PAX – Nice work out there. This one┬áhad a similar feel to Jumanji’s cruise last week, and hopefully the focus on improving individual miles will help our overall distance.
@Upper Cut – nice push out there – you’ve come a long way since we were doing the couch 2 5k back in the fall